Where is Lake Urmia?

Where is Lake Urmia?

Where is Lake Urmia?

One of the natural and touristic places of Iran is Lake Urmia, located in northwestern Iran, 21 km from the city of Urmia, on the border of East and West Azerbaijan provinces, which is the sixth salt water lake in the world and the second largest salt lake in the Middle East. This lake is home to dozens of migratory and native animals that attract many tourists from Iran and even foreign tourists every year. This lake sees many animals in seasons such as flamingos, ducks, pelicans and herons. The water of the lake has a high salinity due to its high evaporation, and the reason for tourists is not only the attractions of the lake, but they can make the most of the salt water properties of the lake with salt therapy. Contact us to buy bulk sea salt of Urmia Lake

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Where is Lake Urmia?

History of Lake Urmia

This lake is called Chi Chest in the inscriptions of the ninth century BC. Some of the ruling governments in Iran in the years before Christ chose this lake as the center of the kingdom and many of them by ship Although the winds and weather conditions were high and shipping in this lake was not easy, they protected it and used its income.

What are the largest rivers that flow into Lake Urmia?

This lake has beautiful beaches. Sandy, rocky and muddy beaches add to the beauty of the lake. This beautiful place has 102 large and small islands, the largest of which is the royal island and the only inhabited island of this lake, and the rest is a suitable place for all kinds of birds. And animals, which is known as a national park today, although once the lake was a passage for merchant ships, but today with the decrease of the lake water goes to land with the decrease of the water of Lake Urmia, its salinity has also increased and It has been turned into a salt mine, although the river water is the result of the inflow of water from 60 rivers such as Simineh River, Zarrineh River, Nazlu, Baranduz, Talkheh River, which is one of the largest rivers, but due to the salinity of the water.

Evaporation also occurs rapidly

Two islands called Ashk and Kaboudan, which are facing water shortages, have been the breeding grounds for Armenian rams and deer, which have been facing the risk of water shortages in recent years, due to the lake becoming a suitable environment for Plant and animal organisms were recorded by UNESCO from the lake in 1955 as one of the 59 biosphere reserves in the world under the name of National Park.

What is the reason for the change in the color of Lake Urmia?

Sometimes, due to the sedimentation of the lake water, its color changes to orange and red. The reason for the change in the color of the lake is due to the presence of microscopic organisms. These conditions do not disappear and increase, which will turn the color of the lake from orange to red

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