what is the table salt ?

what is the table salt

Table salt or table salt

Research shows that table salt or table salt contains beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iodine and potassium, each of which is useful for improving the body’s function, which is recommended for any patient with cardiovascular problems. In order to receive them through food, sea salt has a hot and dry nature in terms of traditional medicine, and the eliminator of soda is phlegm, bile. It nourishes and disinfects the mouth, stomach and intestines . follow urmiana company and get organic bulk sea salt

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what is the table salt

Each of the nutrients and usefulness of sea salt plays an essential role in the body’s functional system. Seawater always contains substances that are not well seen by the eye, which are of great value in refining and in order to add iodine to it. Many of these salts are destroyed
Potassium: Transports food fats to cells and removes waste products to prevent them from settling.
Potassium, in cooperation with phosphorus, transports the required amount of oxygen to the brain
Calcium: Calcium deficiency causes disorders in the body that result in stroke and weakness, high blood pressure, infertility, etc.
Adequate sodium and potassium maintain the body’s balance
Magnesium: Magnesium deficiency reduces bone growth, heart disorders, seizures, depression, muscle cramps, migraine headaches, etc.

Is rock salt a component of edible salts?

Discovery of rock salt is discovered by people searching for oil and gas. Rock salts are usually harder and harder than sea salt, which is crushed in several steps. They have less impurities and are clearer but simpler. The most common type of salt extraction is by the method of evaporation of water with sunlight. It is useful to add some iodine to them

How is rock salt converted into table salt?

Table salt or table salt is usually obtained in two ways: 1 rock salt 2 salt water
After finding the rock salt by the diggers, they then make several holes with a drill at a distance from each other and take some of it and test it. After confirming, they extract and crush them, then grind them a little with special machines. They turn into very small grains and reach the packing stage

Prepare table salt from salt water

First, seawater or lake water is collected in special ponds and its water evaporates in direct sunlight, but impurities such as sand settle to the bottom of the pond to better separate these impurities into the salt water of the pond. Transfer another and wash it with thicker salt water. After complete rinsing, keep them in special masses until they reach the necessary concentration to be converted into common salt or table salt.

Harms of sea salt

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