what is the pedicure

what is the pedicure

What is a pedicure?

The act of cleaning and caring for toenails, trimming and trimming nails and scraping them to beautify a pedicure is called pedicure means foot care. Since our feet are constantly exposed to dust, they are very vulnerable. Wearing narrow and inappropriate shoes causes the toes to be compressed, and because our shoes are constantly sweating, harmful germs accumulate inside the shoes and They easily penetrate under the nails. It is better to pay more attention to the health of our nails. Due to the compression of the toes, the nails will become bad and dirty.

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what is the pedicure

Usually people care about beautiful and clean feet. With the skin of the feet in the open air, it is less common for the skin and nails not to be dry, but doing pedicures allows you to have wet, soft and beautiful feet and soft and well-shaped nails. In pedicure, the skin and excess flesh around the nails are removed and the calluses on the soles of the feet, including the heels, will be removed. We will further acquaint you with the properties of pedicures. Usually, they go to beauty salons to pedicure their feet, but in This can also be done at home with just a few tools such as scraper and sandpaper, nail clippers and scissors, nail polish remover, finger pads, oil and soap, cotton and moisturizer, but it is very expensive and time consuming. More is needed today. Pedicure with special salt will lead to much lower time and cost, including the properties of sea salt.

Benefits of using pedicure

Doing a home-made pedicure can prevent serious damage to the skin and nails. Although your nails are attacked by fungi and bacteria at any time, they are more likely to become infected. Pedicure will neutralize them with timely diagnosis. It raises the safety level of your skin, makes the skin of the feet soft and supple, and this is something that anyone can own using pedicure salt. Natural and home pedicures with pedicure salt also help reduce costs, and It also removes many of the minerals in salt from the skin.

How to do a pedicure at home

First, pour some pedicure salt in a hot tub to create a homogeneous solution. Instead of salt, you can use pedicure cocktails for better results. They are produced in different scents in various colors that have more effective properties, then your feet. Massage well for 15 to 20 minutes, sit yourself on a chair and put your feet in the water, then you can remove the dead and white cells by pulling a foot stone on the soles of your feet and dry them after rinsing. After that, using a thin pair of scissors, remove the flesh around the nails and rub the tip of the nail and shape it, then keep them moist with a moisturizing cream.

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