what is the massage salt

massage salt

Massage salt

For many years, the use of sea salt for massage and beauty to treat damaged skin and many skin diseases is widely used. Sea salt is a good option for massage therapy around the world. The use of sea salt for massage is a new offer for services. Traditional treatment and cure of many diseases will be that by collecting seawater and evaporating it in special ponds, different types of salts are obtained during a process and are packaged in different types, the best of which are for the treatment of skin and beauty of salt. They are called pedicures and manicures .

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massage salt

Properties of massage rock salt

Massage salt is the same salt that is obtained from the Dead Lake of Urmia, which is rich in mineral salts. They absorb negative energy when they come in contact with water by releasing ions in the water and prevent it from entering the skin. Massage salt It is also available in the form of rock salt, which is also used in massage and yoga. The amount of mineral salts in sea massage salts by contact with the skin can have acceptable healing properties on the body. Materials required by body cells by consuming salt Massages are received through the skin

Treatment of blackheads on the face and body

Dark skin is due to the closure of skin pores, and this closure of skin pores is due to the presence of bacteria in which they penetrate. The sulfur in massage salt will fight against these bacteria and will get rid of them. There are 5 different fragrances to raise the quality level of consumer production

How to use massage salt

Salts are available in various fragrances such as bone marrow, orchid, lemon, mint and jasmine. Choose each of them as desired and add some massage oil and lemon juice to it in a bowl and mix it. Now put the ingredients on clean skin. Put and massage, as a result, you will have soft and moist muscles, and this result will not be possible with any substances other than sea salt.

Advantages of massaging rock salt

Treatment of chronic pain
Relieve fatigue
• Opening of closed skin pores
• Removes dark skin
• Treatment of headache
• Treatment of sciatica
• Muscle relaxation and treatment of cramps
• Treatment of low back pain

Who can use massage salts?

The use of massage salts or massage therapy in general is not for specific people. Any age group can use salt therapy. This type of treatment can eliminate the infection. Its property is useful for relieving stress and gaining energy. Dry skin and Treat the affected area with a salt massage. If you are not safe from a dry cough, you can solve the problem by inhaling sea salt. Prepare a solution of salt and water and reduce it by lifting it through the nose and transferring it to the mouth and exiting it. Shortness of breath helps to remove and clear the sticky mucus inside the nose and throat and improves the quality of breathing.

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