what is the manicure salt

pedcure salt

What is Manicure Salt?

Manicure and care for nails such as trimming, scraping around the nails and preventing damage to the fingernails Manicure is said to do manicure can add to the attractiveness of the nails. Many women care about the beauty of their nails as much as the beauty of their skin. Because nails are hard and hard, but they are easily vulnerable. Lack of minerals in the body causes the nails to be deformed and in poor condition, and sometimes causes stains on the nails, since the nails have no coating, especially Toenails that are more resistant to harmful factors by wearing shoes, it is better to try to maintain and take care of them more. There are two ways to have beautiful nails. Beautifying nails in beauty centers and using manicure salt at home

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pedcure salt

To do a manicure, you must first follow the hygienic tips. Use specialized or disposable tools. Personal tools help you prevent diseases. Due to the sharp tools hitting the skin around the nails, the possibility of spreading diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis, infection. And … it is very high, so always have personal accessories with you. Manicure nails has different steps that must be done by experienced people, otherwise the tissues around the nails will be damaged and in addition to wounding the skin will cause damage and The nails become deformed

first stage

Cuticle or cleanser is a solution that contains glycerin, potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide and is used to soften nails and use it.

second stage

They put the nail polish remover in a bowl full of water and the solution for the nails helps to clean the nail stains and removes the nails from any contamination until they turn white. After this operation, we move on to the next step. رویم

third level

In the previous step, the skin around the nails is completely softened. Now, with the help of a tool, they gently pull the skin aside to create a beautiful solvent around the nails, and with a emollient cream, they keep the nails soft and moist to dry. Avoid getting around the nails

Why choose manicure salt?

But today, despite most diseases and lack of hygiene, and on the other hand, to reduce costs, most people go to low-risk methods to do manicures. With the availability of spear salts in different types for different applications can be beautified at home. Nails Speech salt is extracted from Lake Urmia and transferred to the market for public use. These salts are used in various industries, one of which is called bath salt, pedicure salt and manicure for the treatment of various skin diseases.

How to use canine salt

Pour the required amount of manicure salt in a hot tub and put your hands and feet in the solution for 15 to 20 minutes. After this time, wash and dry your hands and feet with water. After this, the nails will be soft, white. And they are in good shape. You can easily polish them by dragging the razor and shape them to any shape you want.

what is the pedcure salt

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