What is the Dead Sea ?

What is the Dead Sea

What is the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea is a sea that is running out of water, so it is so salty that its salinity is estimated to be 8 to 9 times saltier than the water of the oceans. It is in the West Bank and has a very dry shore. Although the water of this lake is decreasing, but it will not end. The day will come when there will be no more evaporation. The thick and salty waters of the salt lake contain many mineral salts that are used today. The salts in the Salt Lake are now home to 12 species of fish, each with a lifespan of over one year.

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What is the Dead Sea

Where is the Salt Lake located?

The Salt Lake, located in western Jordan and eastern Palestine at an altitude of 423 meters above sea level and where the Jordan River flows, which is the lowest point on earth, is also a historical sea, as in the Bible Old and new is called it. It is said that Jesus Christ walked on the waters of this sea and used its properties. The very salty water of the Dead Sea has caused no germs to grow in it except for a few fungi and bacteria. Even people who swim in it can not get far from the sea level

Why is the salt lake called the Dead Sea?

The lake is called the Dead Sea because it is too salty and no plants or animals can live in it except for a small number of bacteria. The salt lake has a special climate, ie 330 days of the year are hot and intense sunshine. With a temperature of 60 to 100 degrees, the amount of rain in it is very low, and although the water of the Jordan River enters it and there is no way out of the water, all this water is converted into steam by the sun. The lake is that if you stay in the sun for a long time, it is due to the presence of natural layers that prevent UV rays from hitting the skin and you will not get sunburned. This has made the climate of this region unique.

A sea in which no one drowns

If you are afraid of swimming in the sea, head to the Dead Sea lake, even though you do not have any means to swim, you still do not sink underwater. The reason for this is that the lake water is too salty. This lake is friendly to humans. You will not be overwhelmed by the many properties of salt water for the body, but you should be careful because swimming in this cap and staying in the water is difficult and it is a dangerous place. It may kill a person.

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