what is the balt salt

balt salt

What is bath salt?

Bath salt is a type of salt that after using it on the body, you will feel comfortable and fresh in the skin. Warm alone is not enough to relieve fatigue. A solution of warm water and sea salt for bathing can cure chronic pain and many skin problems in addition to relieving fatigue. For thousands of years, the healing properties of salt have been popular all over the world. They know an amazing substance .

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balt salt

Features of bath salt

Bath salt is extracted from the heart of the Dead Sea of ​​Urmia and due to its high mineral salts such as magnesium, sodium chloride, iron and calcium, etc., provides many needs of the body and skin. These salts are transferred to the body through the skin. They remove cosmetics from your skin and open all closed pores and refresh them. Magnesium in bath salt regulates all enzymes in the body and prevents muscle cramps. Magnesium is the second element and the fourth positive ion in the body. Deficiency of this substance in the body causes osteoporosis, stroke, constipation, stress and pain. Joints, but all these problems can be solved with the properties of bath salts.

Treat knee pain with bath salts

Today, salts are offered in 5 fragrances to give quality to the consumer. These fragrances will give the consumer a feeling of calm and comfort. People who are not safe from muscle cramps and have been injured during exercise or falling by using They get better from massage with bath salt. One of the most common pains is knee pain, which many people today suffer from due to sitting together and being overweight. One of the best palliatives is body massage with bath salt.

What is the best way to get rid of toxins in the body?

Usually the body reacts to insect bites and calluses on the hands and feet due to the presence of dead cells, the presence of pimples and blackheads and becomes inflamed and swollen. These factors cause damage to the skin in such conditions. Pour the bath salt into a hot tub and massage yourself in it for 10 to 12 minutes. You will see that all the pores of the skin are opened by the bath salts and the toxins will be removed from the body and the calluses on the soles of the feet will be separated from the skin. They will be

The effect of bath salt on the skin

• Relieve dry skin
• Treatment of blackheads
Relaxing and refreshing
• Treatment of eczema
• Peeler
• Skin rejuvenation
• Premature anti-aging
• Skin lightener
• Has 5 scents

How to use a bath damp

Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water, neither too hot nor too cold. Pour 2 cups of salt into the tub and stir the solution. The amount of salt and water depends on the weight of the people. Massage yourself in water for 10 minutes. Do this. Do it three times a week.

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