what is sea salt

sea salt

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sea salt

Sea salt arises from the evaporation of sea water and during the purification of some minerals and its properties other than chlorine and sodium are lost due to having the same salts. Sea salt is the most abundant salt that you are all fully aware of Weber Tablecloths and kitchens can be seen Many ordinary people are still unaware of the properties of sea salt because it is consumed only in food. This salt, in addition to its many properties in food, has healing properties for body aches and health.
• skin and hair
• Mouth and tooth
• Digestion
• Treat stress with sea salt

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skin and hair

Sometimes due to itching and sensitivity to the weather, the most seriously damaged area will be your skin, which becomes brittle and dry. If left untreated, you will develop premature aging. The Scientific Foundation for Skin Diseases has concluded that bathing in warm water and sea salt can Improve and relieve dryness and inflammation of the skin

Hydrate the skin with sea salt

Sometimes in hot seasons when the weather is hot and dry, the soles of the feet on the body, especially the soles of the feet and hands become scaly. Pour some sea salt into warm water and put your hands and feet in it and massage it. Then you will see that sea salt It is a skin moisturizer

Treatment of boils with sea salt

Sometimes people who complain of blackheads come to us and ask for treatment and it is even painful for them to raise it. We recommend pouring two cups of sea salt in the hot tub and the body or any part that suffers
1. Acne
2. Acne skin rashes
3. Blackheads on the nose
4. Itchy skin
5. Inflammation
6. Psoriasis
Gently massage with water and salt. This bath is well treated due to the compounds of magnesium and sodium chloride in salt after a few washes.

Mouth and tooth

As you can see in all toothpastes, there is fluoride. Sea salt contains fluoride, and for oral health, doctors always recommend sea water solution and salt, and you can even rub the salt on your teeth with one finger, if you do it every week. Do it four times, it also helps to disinfect the mouth and neutralizes bad breath, and it will not be ineffective in treating bleeding gums.
Treatment of digestion with sea salt Spear
Many people suffer from indigestion due to poor food intake and their stomach produces a lot of acid when they eat. Solve your stomach problem by

consuming spear food salt.

Sea salt to treat hair loss and dandruff
If you suffer from hair loss and dandruff, wash your hair with hot water and sea salt spray. This solution will dehydrate and degrease your hair and you will get rid of dandruff forever.

Sea salt orthosis orthosis

If you have resorted to various medications for osteoarthritis pain and you do not feel any effect on the healing of your feet, pour two cups of sea salt in a hot bath and immerse your feet in water and massage.


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