What is rock salt?

What is rock salt

What is rock salt?

As a result of the reaction of the positive charge of sodium ion and the negative charge of chlorine ion, salt rock is formed. It is the result of the activity of underwater volcanoes. The bottom of the sea, which has accumulated on top of each other and turned into hard layers, is called rock salt. Sometimes their thickness is so great that it is estimated that up to 100. Today, many products are made from these rock salts, which is why This has led countries to trade it.

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What is rock salt

Properties of rock salt

Salt sinks usually have yellow, brown, pink, orange and red colored crystals that in addition to decorating the house, they also have properties. Some people believe in the physical properties of this material and by placing them in a suitable place in the house. As part of their home decor, they use them as eye sores
Advantages of using decorative salt lamps for lampshades
In the market of buying and selling this product, you will encounter all kinds of decorative lampshades made of salt stone. Some of them are available as a piece of white or colored sink in the shape of a square, cube, pyramid, etc., but some of them are available. Which are cut, have a more beautiful shape and are also more popular, but both of them have several properties, such as
• Cleaning the air at work or at home
• Stress reliever
• Energy of the body
• Improve the quality of sleep
• Comfortable breathing
• Relieve anxiety

Are there any special conditions for storing salt stones?

Yes, to keep decorative rock salt indoors or at work, due to the presence of rock salt in polymer containers, they should be placed away from sunlight or high-consumption lamps so that they do not corrode. In such cases, a closed container should be used. And do not be in contact with direct sunlight and try
• Place the wall at a distance of 30 cm
• Do not place on wood
• Do not place in a humid environment due to moisture absorption
• Do not place in metal containers
The properties of rock salts have been well-known from the past to the present day. Contains negative ions to absorb positive ions and is able to clean the surrounding air, so it is also effective for relieving pain and inflammation.
Features of rock salt
• Blood pressure regulator
• Increase focus on tasks
• Boost the immune system
• The body’s desire to drink water
• Headache reliever
• Strengthen the immune system

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