What is natural salt?

What is natural salt

What is natural salt?

Natural salt, as its name implies, is extracted from the sea in a completely natural way and can only be obtained by evaporating seawater. In fact, no process has been performed on them and substances such as iodine and additives have not been introduced into it, but in consumption. Each of the salts should be considered in the amount of consumption. Sea salt has a warm and dry nature. People who have a cold temperament and have difficulty digesting food, it is better to use sea salt. This salt causes better digestion of food and relieves heaviness. The stomach is one of the countless properties of sea salt to treat liver and spleen cramps and fatty liver.  sale bulk salt by urmiana company

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What is natural salt

The effect of sea salt on high blood pressure

People with high blood pressure should get a prescription from a doctor because high salt intake is harmful to these people. There is no conclusive evidence that sea salt is effective in lowering blood pressure. People with heart disease should Avoid all kinds of hot and dry substances, especially high salt consumption. Salt should be consumed in moderation. Its low consumption is not recommended and its excessive consumption is also harmful. Salt is a remedy for viscous foods. Slimy foods deposit in the body.

Are you aware of the properties of sea salt?

Natural salt is useful for eliminating intestinal and stomach worms. Drinking salt water, so to cleanse the stomach, mix salt water with peppermint and eat it. Using sea salt can increase the light of the eyes and strengthen the eyesight, and eye diseases that It relieves the cold caused by temperament. In fact, its consumption by any local or oral method analyzes the brain’s moisture and increases the speed of brain function.

Treatment of scorpion bites with sea salt

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) says that Sayyid food is salt. One day, a scorpion bites the Prophet, and after cursing the scorpion, the Prophet asks for some salt and rubs the sting with it, and the pain caused by the bite is relieved. In such cases, it is better to mix salt with some flaxseed and massage the bite site with it.

Hot-tempered people should be careful about eating sea salt

People who have a hot and dry nature can consume a small amount of it in constipation. Natural salt is astringent. Excessive consumption causes damage to the kidneys and bladder. Other harms of salt in these people will be itching and loss of vision. To prevent this from happening, it is better to use fresh animal fat from cattle or buffalo

What is the best type of salt?

Natural salt that is just extracted from the mines is the best type of salt. They are white and clear in color and no impurities are found in them. Salt that is not bitter and there is no contamination in it, ie a dead animal is not found in that place. It is stated in the books of traditional medicine that mountain salt is the best type of salt and lake salt is the worst type for oral consumption.

Iodine in table salt

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