What is Celtic Salt ?

What is Celtic Salt

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What is Celtic Salt ?

Celtic sea salt is widely consumed today due to its high properties. This product has a high purity and is available in different packages in the market in a completely hygienic way. Celtic salt is similar to small and grayish colored crystals.

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The difference between Celtic salts and Kosher salt

These two products are different in terms of shape and taste. Ordinary kosher salt is coarse, coarse and white grains that are used for cooking foods such as meat due to their easy dissolution in food, but textured Celtic salt. It is softer and has a grayish color and also the amount of iodine and minerals is higher than kosher, which alone will be able to supply a large amount of minerals in the body. The salinity of this salt is less and it gives good taste to food.

Properties of Celtic Salt

Today, the extraction of this product and its direct delivery to the people will have an affordable price for the consumer because in their sale, intermediaries are eliminated and reach the consumer at a lower price. This type of salt, which is very popular among the French people, has It is a little water or moisture that always seems moist, although it has less sodium, but it is rich in minerals needed by the body because of the texture, color and taste of food. It is a good choice for the world’s chefs. Salt has a better taste on the tongue and when added to food, it dissolves easily in food and its consumption does not feel much difference between it and other salts.

Properties of Celtic Salt

Celtic salt contains 33.8% sodium and even the highest amount of calcium is 0.17%, and this can be a good reason to consume this salt. Celtic salt with its salty taste can make foods more salty and tasty. In addition, it creates a good aroma and taste in food and also one of its benefits is to meet the body’s needs for minerals. This salt is also known as sol-grease salt. By extracting it from the shores of the French Sea, they are packaged in a hygienic way. Celtic is extracted from the shallows of the sea after water has evaporated

What is rock salt?

Rock salt is extracted from the mines using dynamites, then crushed if used in food, and some others are used as decoration. Rock salt is mostly found under the rock rock layers, which are The scientific name of Halite is known. This substance also contains minerals. The properties of rock salt include the excretion of toxins from the body, and the other is the improvement of muscle cramps due to the presence of sodium in it. Damaged consumed.

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