What is a lake ?

What is a lake

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What is the  lake?

A lake is a type of catchment located in mountainous areas. Lakes cover a large area and can store a high amount of energy source. There are several reasons for the formation of lakes, some of which can be due to volcanic activity. , The flow of winds, the flow of rivers and the melting of glaciers, etc. have been created. Ponds are pits that are sometimes deep and shallow and their depth will be less. They are located on the surface of the earth. They are watery but evaporate and dry out when heated.

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How did lakes come into being?

Many lakes, especially in the northern hemisphere, have been formed by the melting of glacial ice, which was warming about 18,000 years ago. It has melted and turned them into a lake. The high flow of water has caused the movement of sand, rocks and large boulders, and sometimes it has placed them like a dam in the way of water between the valleys. This movement has caused the lake In the United States, Minnesota, which had the largest number of glaciers, now has 10,000 lakes.

What is tectonic motion?

A number of lakes, including the Caspian Sea and the Balkan Lake, have been formed due to tectonics of the Earth’s crustal plates. They are filled with rain and other currents


Another constituent of the lakes were volcanoes. After the incident, the crater was filled with rain and one of the deepest lakes in the United States was created when the mountain volcano cone fell.

Joining rivers

Some lakes are formed by the confluence of rivers during floods. When rivers overflow due to the short volume of water, the soils of the foot of the mountain or hill fall and form a pit, and thus the annual amount Zaidi collects water from rainfall.

What is an artificial lake?

Artificial lakes that create artificial lakes by digging pits and directing water from rivers and springs so that the lake stores water during rains and dries up in the warm seasons of the year. By storing water in this way, places can provide the water needed for agriculture, health, industrial consumption. Other uses of this basin are recreation and swimming in water.

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