What causes dark skin?

What causes dark skin

What causes dark skin?

According to traditional medicine (Samaneh Ramezani), darkening of the skin depends on several factors. Darkening factors are divided into two categories (genetic) and (acquired). If there is darkening of the skin from birth, it is a genetic factor. And with the diet, the color of the skin does not change, but if it occurs after this period, it is considered an acquired factor and can be treated. One of the risk factors for the skin of the body is exposure to sunlight without using a cream. Sunscreens and hats cause skin burns and dullness and can sometimes lead to skin cancer in severe cases. follow urmiana site by causes dark   .

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What causes dark skin

What factors play a role in causing skin discoloration?

Other factors that play a role in skin darkening include soda, constipation, hormonal changes due to stress and sunlight, liver disorders, overeating red meat and bad eating habits such as fast foods, soft drinks, fried foods, and some Diseases such as diabetes, obesity and lack of personal hygiene, etc. lead to discoloration of the skin of people to clear and clear your skin, you should consider these factors and ignore them and take a diet Useful you can deal with this complication.

Should people with dark skin avoid these foods?

One of the causes of dark skin is the cold and dry nature of their body. These people should avoid eating foods such as lentils, eggplant, canned foods, pickles and beef. If you are aware of the cold nature of your body, use warm foods. You will see a change in the color of your skin. Proper and useful foods are very important. More important than this is good chewing of food. Do not eat soft drinks, yogurt and salads with food. It is better to use these foods as a snack.

Bath salt to remove dull skin?

There are countless factors to remove dark skin that in addition to diet, you can use them to treat your dark skin, such as lemon, turmeric, sea salt mask, sweet almond oil, sea salt bath and …
If you treat the cause of your skin dullness, you can cover your skin with various creams, each of which will have side effects, but the best and most natural treatment is treatment with sea salt in the amount of two cups of sea salt. Dissolve in a hot bath and if you wish, you can add olive or coconut oil, then put your body in the bath and massage. After 20 minutes, use a bath towel to remove dead and excess skin. Peel off the surface of the skin, then rinse and dry your body. It is necessary to massage the scalp with this solution. It is very useful for treating dandruff and bad hair condition. Do this twice a week. You will see that the skin It will give you a clear and transparent gift. Sea salt has many properties in treating all types of damaged skin.

Treat dull skin with sea salt

Organic salt of Urmia Lake is one of the best known traditional treatments for removing dull skin. Enzymes active in the salt of Lake Urmia with frequent use for 3 to 6 months can make your skin clear and white. This salt does not leave any side effects on the skin and in addition to darkening the skin, it can have a very good effect on blackheads and pimples on the scalp and red head. It is the skin

Properties of sea salt in traditional medicine

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