Types of massage

انواع ماساژها

Types of massage

Usually with today’s busy lives, the body needs more massages. Massage of any kind will have high properties for the health of the body. You must have benefited from massage. Some people do this at home, but there are several types of massage that you may be familiar with. Do not have. get bulk sea salt on best price with urmiana company

what is the sea salt

انواع ماساژها

Sports massage

This massage is for athletes because they face a lot of stress during exercise and exercise. Sports massage is like a Swedish massage that is done to relieve pain caused by excessive movement and stress between athletes. The purpose of this massage is to prevent muscle cramps and Fast movements are sports.

Hot stone massage

One type of massage is traditional massage, which treats muscle cramps by placing hot stones on the back so that it relaxes the cramped muscles, then increases blood flow and makes the person receiving the massage feel comfortable. This method is suitable for people who are not safe from muscle cramps

Shiatsu massage

This is a method of Chinese massage that is used to treat cramps that contract energy. Professional massagers do this by applying pressure from the fingers and elbows to help release muscle energy, then by increasing blood circulation to the limbs. Released and continue to function This method will be useful for treating stress

Deep tissue massage

Another type of massage is deep tissue massage. Deep tissue refers to the deep pain of the muscles, which is performed by performing impact techniques or deep tactile movements to improve the range of motion and will reduce the pain.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is used to treat back and shoulder pain. It is a soothing method that is used by rubbing and pressing long-term movement of the arms and legs, performing circular movements to improve muscle cramps and reduce surface tension.

Triggerpoint massage

In fact, it is the same deep massage that is used to treat constant muscle tension, but the trigger point massage is used for pain caused by a specific point such as sciatica, stiff joints and heel spurs, although this massage is accompanied by some pain. But it will be useful

Pregnancy massage

Since mothers suffer from body aches during pregnancy, in a situation where a special table is used to place the mother’s abdomen, the mother lies on her stomach and massage is performed by therapists. , And relieves pain

Thai massage

It is known as yoga massage, which is performed by applying heavy pressure on the recipient’s massage with clothes. The techniques performed and the reduction of temporary pain and muscle flexibility are the benefits of this massage.

Foot massage

It is usually done to relieve fatigue and pain in the legs. This traditional method is one of the most widely used types of massages, which are usually used after heavy work.

Benefits of sea salt massage

Today, in most spas and massage parlors, the use of sea salt is recommended and its properties have been fully proven. Also, the discussion of massage therapy with salt has found its way to homes these days, and because the method of massage with sea salt is not a difficult task, these days, sea salts for massage can be seen in most homes. Some of the benefits of sea salt for massage therapy include:

  • Muscle relaxation and increased blood flow
  • Blood pressure settings along with maintaining balance and a sense of calm for the person
  • Treat skin diseases and prevent acne and blackheads
  • Whitening of the skin
  • Better absorption of massage oils under the skin
Head massage with sea salt

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