Turkey Van Salt Lake

Turkey Van Salt Lake

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Turkey Van Salt Lake

Lake Van salt in Turkey, known in ancient Greece as Arcisalacus and Tospitis lacus. Researchers have found that the lake was formed by a volcanic eruption in the mountains around the lake. There is a historical castle and the lake is located on the eastern side of the castle. The lake area is surrounded by beautiful nature that has attracted the attention of nature lovers and mountaineers. Boats on the shores of the lake are active for more tourists.

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Lake Van has a triangular shape

The lake has three islands named Charpanak, Adir and Akdamarmi and due to the city next to the lake, many people and tourists visit the lake every year. Lake Van, which is the largest lake in Turkey with an area of ​​3713 square kilometers. At 1644 meters above sea level, the widest point is 457 meters and the deepest place is 457 meters. This lake has a triangular structure, the northern part of which has a small area and less depth, has ridiculous and steep shores. In the southern part of the triangle, which is the most important part of the lake, it has flat plains and shores. This flatness has created four islands in this area. The lake receives its inflow water from the surrounding mountains, which is the second largest lake in the Middle East. It is the largest sodium water lake in the world

Where does the inflow of Lake Van come from?

The water of the lake has a high amount of sodium, which has spread in the highlands of Anatolia near the Iranian border. They do not have a yard, they cannot live in it, and they are not suitable for agriculture and drinking. Turkey’s salt lake provides its water from melting winter ice and transferring it from the surrounding rivers to the lake, which only happens in spring when the snow melts. It happens and the water level rises and the rest of the year will face water shortages and the water level will reach its lowest point. Around the river, people use the river to feed the agriculture, because water In addition to being saline, the river is polluted by the people of the city by transferring sewage and .. to the lake

Properties of Lake Van Turkey salt

Another feature of the salt bath of Turkey is the habitat of special animals and birds around it. In hot summers, as the water of the lake subsides, the salt concentration also increases. Many tourists swim and swim in the lake to enjoy its salt properties. The warm and humid shores of the lake attract many foreign and domestic tourists to sunbathe.

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