Treatment of sciatica with salt

Treatment of sciatica with salt

Treatment of sciatica with salt

Sciatica is the name of one of the nerves in the body, which is the longest internal nerve in the body. Sciatica originates from the beginning of the pelvis, ie from the spinal cord, and continues to the end of the leg. It passes over the foot and the other from behind the foot and extends to the bottom of the foot. This nerve that conducts muscle contraction and sensation of mobility and sensation in the thighs and knees to the toes. Get involved with us in treating sciatica

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Treatment of sciatica with salt

Symptoms of sciatica

Sciatica usually occurs on one side of the body, with pain extending from the buttocks to the soles of the feet, with symptoms such as tingling in the legs, pain when walking and touching, weakness in the thighs and legs, and worsening pain when coughing. And has sneezing.
Treatment method


Physiotherapy is a technique to reduce pain caused by neck and back cramps and treatment of sciatica. These techniques include deep massage that relieves congestion of soft tissues, tendons and ligaments by pressing on the nerve roots and sciatic nerve.

Use heat and cold

Due to this, heat can improve blood flow to the body because it transports oxygen and nutrients to better parts of the body. Cold also sends blood flow to the arteries more slowly and reduces inflammation, so use ice packs and hot water bags to reduce muscle spasms in lower back pain.

Reducing sciatica in terms of traditional medicine

According to traditional medicine, overweight people face these problems more. Sciatica is more common in the cold seasons because the cold air increases the fluid between the joints and creates a tight space for nerve roots. People often use painkillers to reduce pain. Consumption of cold foods such as beef, yogurt and buttermilk should be used less. These substances are naturally cold and will increase pain. .

Treatment of sciatica with sea salt

Today, sea salt accelerates the treatment of many diseases, including chronic pain. Sea salt, which is obtained by evaporating sea water and packing them in a completely natural way without destroying minerals, has many properties in reducing stress and pain. Sea salt contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, potassium, etc., a large amount of which is sodium and chloride. The human body reacts to minerals when it is deficient. One of these reactions is pain. Sea salt is better absorbed through the skin. It is better to dissolve some of it in the bathtub and If you wish, you can also massage it with oil and massage the body, especially the affected part of the body, with it for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse and dry it. Three times a week, a bath with massage salt can improve your recovery. Help treat sciatica.

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