Treatment of eczema with salt

درمان اگزما با نمک

Treatment of eczema with salt

Eczema is a skin disease that not only does not improve with continued treatment, but some medications delay the course of treatment and give worse conditions to the skin. Will weaken the immune system without consulting a doctor, the condition will not improve. Sometimes the skin is severely itchy. Bleeding from scratching the skin. It is on the skin of the hands. Sometimes the itching of the skin is so severe that it makes people impatient. There are many ways to treat eczema that you should not be indifferent to.

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درمان اگزما با نمک

Symptoms of eczema

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, which irritates the skin. It is more common in children and usually affects infants because they also have sensitive skin and a low immune system, which usually results in redness and sometimes redness. Blisters on the surface of the skin Lumps and swelling on the skin, often resulting in scratching or scaling of the skin. This may change the color of the skin of the hand from pink to yellow. Eczema can also affect the skin of the face. Skin allergies are irritating. They both burn and itch the skin

Cause of eczema

Although there is no exact cause for this disease, some doctors believe that the low immune system and their high activity against unknown factors. Other causes of eczema are skin contact with wool, sensitivity to weather conditions, smoking. , Skin contact with chemicals, consumption of allergenic foods such as spicy spices, etc., contact with detergents, such as soap, dishwashing liquid, washing powder, etc., sensitivity to perfumes

What is the treatment for eczema?

Most external treatments with lukewarm water have a better effect on the skin or in mild conditions it can be treated with 1% cortisol. Other factors that should be considered in the treatment of eczema Proper nutrition, use of olive oil Either vegetable oil, or a salt bath can be effective

The effect of bath salts on eczema

Sea salt or natural salt, which is obtained in a completely natural way by evaporating sea water, has many minerals, one of the properties of which is the treatment of skin diseases. One of these benefits is the treatment of eczema or psoriasis. Sea salt contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. , Potassium, copper, zinc, etc. that the body needs to stay healthy. In case of eczema, dissolve two cups of sea salt in a hot bath and 2 teaspoons of olive oil with a glass. Add milk to bath water and put your body in it and gently massage. Bath salt contains a lot of magnesium, which plays an important role in repairing the skin.

The reason for pouring salt on ice

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