Sludge therapy

Sludge therapy

Sludge therapy

Usually, not all people have a pleasant feeling about having rough skin with pimples and blemishes. The skin is more affected by factors such as direct sunlight, exposure to dry air without moisturizing cream, constant use of cosmetics, etc., but natural treatments They have the greatest impact on the treatment and health of the skin. Usually, people turn to harmful drugs and chemicals due to lack of knowledge about the properties of natural remedies, but today the properties of sea salt and sludge therapy have been able to treat a wide range of damaged skin. Hydrates the skin from sea mud and has the power to remove dead skin cells. If you suffer from blemishes on your skin and you always have to cover them with different creams, which after washing, return to their original state. Come back, try sludge treatment once to benefit from its properties
The properties of sludge are different because the properties of each depends on the type of rock and soil in the area, so when choosing the type of sludge, first ask the seller about it.

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Sludge therapy

Dead Sea Sludge

Dead Sea Sludge has been used for many years to beautify the skin. Treatment of various skin diseases Features of the use of these seafood can play an essential role in beautifying the skin will help increase blood flow under the skin and will give you a fresh and radiant skin

moor Sludge

From the remnants of seaweed over the years, a kind of sludge is formed that has healing properties. These substances contain plant vitamins and hormones, especially folic acid, which is easily absorbed through the skin. Detoxification action on damaged skin Skin cells die due to lack of minerals, but sludge can nourish the cells and rejuvenate them. By hydrating the skin, they prevent aging and sagging. Acne on the face of another

Properties of Moore sludge

The effect of sludge therapy on vision enhancement
Sea mud treatment increases vision Our eyes are very vulnerable to constant exposure to television and computers, and many factors are involved in the occurrence of eye infections, stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, and eye diseases. Pay for yourself and save them forever

Treat stress with sea mud treatment

When covering the skin with sludge, cover your hair with this substance to be aware of its amazing properties on your skin and hair. This is a very soothing work. It is very effective in treating depression and chronic headaches. Doctors today use it to reduce headaches. And they recommend stress, sciatica, nerve problems, etc. sludge treatment.

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