The most beautiful sea animals

The most beautiful sea animals

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The most beautiful sea animals

Strange creatures live in the depths of the sea, some of them are dangerous and violent and some of them are beautiful and calm. Their shells have changed from one shape to another or the shells that emit light and …

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Sea sheep

One of the most beautiful sea animals is known as the sea animal, which is one of the funniest animals. It looks like a cow or a sheep, although it has a small body, but it has big features. Makes this animal beautiful and attractive. This animal belongs to the family of beetles, which is the food of algae. One of the capabilities of this marine animal is that it can photosynthesize, which was only possible for single-celled animals, but Due to the fact that a sea sheep is capable of photosynthesis and can receive energy from sunlight and turn this animal into a solar snail, sea sheep are found off the coast of Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan.

Brilliant sea turtle

One of the most beautiful marine animals that emit light due to chemical reactions in the sea is the sea turtle. The bright light of this sea creature is red and green, but it is likely that the light color of this animal will be due to feeding on viable algae. Has come.

Sea glass frog

Although different types of glass frogs can be seen, but from the uniqueness of this animal, we can see the heart of this animal, which can be seen from under its transparent skin. Other beauties of this frog are the most interesting to see all body parts from the outside environment. The point is in this animal because their skin is light and transparent

Sun Fish

It is one of the largest and heaviest bony fish in the world. Its coin weighs up to 2 tons and is a popular food of the people of Japan, Taiwan and Korea. These fish live in all tropical and temperate waters of the world.

Exolotel fish

It is a large-bodied fish known as the Mexican salamander. This small salamander lives in lakes around Mexico City. This animal has blinking eyes and is in danger of extinction.

Fish toad

These young warty clownfish are seen in the sea in different colors. Toad fish with their camouflage are more stable in the deep sea.

Marine pen

It is one of the most beautiful marine animals that lives in the dark. This animal is a kind of soft coral. The pens are composed of polyp colonies that are all in harmony and are seen in purple, orange and white colors and when there is a sense of danger. They will emit green light.

Dangerous marine animals


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