The best table salt

The best table salt

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The best table salt

Salt is one of the most profitable products in the world that a large amount of this product is obtained annually from most parts of the world and is used in various industries. Salts are obtained by the consumer in several ways, each of which has its own characteristics. For example, sea salts that are obtained in a simpler way have a large amount of minerals. Some of them that are used in kitchens are refined. Kitchen salts that are refined during a process in the process of refining the amount They lose a lot of minerals and instead add iodine to these salts. Although refining salts are more expensive, they are cheaper than natural salt, which is about 98% sodium chloride and only 2%. The remaining 100% contains minerals for the body.

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Why do they add iodine to salts?

Table salt, which is approved by the Ministry of Health and Medicine, is known as the best table salt because natural salt, which is obtained by evaporation of seawater in an easier way, has impurities, and in the purification process, all impurities are removed and purified salt. Add iodine after purification Add iodine to improve thyroid function in the body, although with the consumption of iodized salt, most people suffer from thyroid dysfunction. Most people eat foods such as eggs, dairy products. And seafood gets the iodine the body needs

Properties of sea salt

Sea salt has a darker color than the refining type. During refining, the salts turn white with the addition of chemicals and bleach. Salt has a hot and dry nature and relieves heaviness in the stomach, digestion of food, opening the liver blockage, preventing the treatment of stomach infections and many other properties, but not all of these properties can be found in any type of salt. Salt, which in the process of purification of many minerals is lost, can not meet the needs of the body

Sea salt is better or refined

Certainly, salt, which has many properties in various hadiths and narrations, will not be refined salt. Today, we see many diseases such as heart attacks and strokes, clogged arteries and muscles, and high blood pressure due to the use of refined salt. Iranian physician Mohammad Hossein Aqeel Khorasani The best edible salt is white and clear rock salt, which unfortunately is used as a decorative salt today. They have a lower level of pollution. They have natural iodine and many minerals needed by the body.
Another of the best table salt is salt that boils from the ground with water and by collecting it in large ponds in the sun, its water evaporates and the salt in the water remains.

Side effects of high salt consumption


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