Strange creatures of Lake Urmia

Strange creatures of Lake Urmia

Strange creatures of Lake Urmia

Recently, a video was shown that shows the existence of a living thing in Lake Urmia. Ali Nekoueifard, a researcher at Urmia University with a history of more than 20 years of research in Lake Urmia, says that these creatures are called fly larvae, which are usually in salt water. They live, although the lake water has become more concentrated and very salty with the decline of the last few years, but these flies can survive in these conditions, he stressed. “We have already done research on these micro-organisms. They move left and right, and their food may also be Artemia. When female flies lay their eggs on the water, they reach the surface of the water and live at the bottom of the lake in the cold seasons of the year. The water temperature is deactivated until the water is reheated. One of the best sea salts is the organic salt of Lake Urmia. Lake Urmia is the second dead sea and the salt of this lake is rich in healing properties. Contact us to order and buy bulk sea salt in Urmia  .

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Strange creatures of Lake Urmia

Will larval flies pose a threat to the lake?

He continued, “These flies live in salt water and have no interest in humans. They live only in warm seasons on the shores of saltwater lakes. They are able to remove salt from their bodies, and this is what makes them tolerant.” The salinity of the lake water has increased. They die in a situation where their food is lost due to high salinity. Larval flies are more common in summer and their growth process is as follows: Cyanobacteria and other groups of them such as detritus, algae And diatoms feed and love muddy areas more than sandy areas.

What is the growth process of Haas larvae?

On cold days of the year, flies spend in the depths of the lake. During this period, they have no activity. Therefore, they destroy the hard materials at the bottom of the lake, and the same substances deposit in their bodies and appear as a thin brown band. The water comes to the surface in the warm seasons and the maturation of the flies takes place in the salt water, and their removal from the skin lasts from one to several weeks, and after laying, if they are well fed, they do not survive for a long time and feed the birds. They will be along the river

The reason for the decrease of water in Urmia Lake

Omid Yousefi, head of the Zoo and Aquaculture Supervision, added that these organisms do not pose a threat to the lake and are even a source of protein for the birds in the river bed. Lake Urmia is known as the second saltwater lake in the world. Aquatic is one of its most important micro-organisms is Artemia ormiana. High evaporation of lake water due to recent droughts has increased the salinity of lake water. Other reasons for lake sedimentation are unauthorized extraction of groundwater and construction of illegal dams. And this has endangered the creatures of the lake

Where is Lake Urmia?

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