spa salt

spa salt

Spa salt

One of the places that has been used as a hydrotherapy for many years is called spa. Its water is hot and salty. Of course, it is a better option to receive the healing properties of Dead Sea water. Dead Sea, lakes and hot springs are possible, but due to the unavailability of these places to the public, spa salts available in stores can be a better alternative for the consumer. Spa salts are an extract of Dead Sea minerals. Provided for you so that you can even at home by taking a bath and a solution of lukewarm water and spa salt, in addition to beautifying the skin, you will receive all the useful salts and you will remove diseases from your body.

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spa salt

Features of Spa Salt

These products are extracted from the heart of the Dead Sea in a natural way. Lake Urmia is a huge source of spa salt. By extracting all kinds of beautiful salts from Lake Urmia, Spear Company provides a rich source of the healing properties of this salt to treat various diseases. In the continuation of the article, we will mention some of them. We have provided the best type of salts in 5 different fragrances for the consumer, which is one of the highest quality types of salts in Lake Urmia.

The effect of spa salt on the skin

Our skin is the first defense system of the body that is very vulnerable. If we do not take care of them, in addition to destroying the skin, they will transmit various viruses to the body. Salts for beauty and spa treatment with a variety of useful minerals can be many necessities. Provide the body

The effect of spa salts on relieving fatigue

We all work from waking up to night, now things can be done inside or outside the house. At the end of the day, we will face fatigue and reduced energy. Pour the hot bath water on the box according to the instructions to get a solution, then put yourself in the tub and wait for 10 to 15 minutes until all your skin pores are opened and toxins are removed from your body. At this time, all the fatigue is out of your body. Go and the body receives the necessary oxygen and gives the person a feeling of lightness and dry the body after rinsing

Improve sinusitis

Research on spa salts has proven that spa baths can open closed pores of the mucosa and improve sinusitis. Spa salts are anti-inflammatory and relieve nasal allergies and respiratory disorders.

Spa salt to maintain electrolyte balance

The human body needs minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium to balance. Bath salt, which is rich in these minerals, helps increase balance in the body and also regulates blood pressure.

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