Sodium chloride

Sodium chloride

Sodium chloride

Edible salt contains an ionic compound called sodium chloride, known in the Persian dialect as salt. Sodium and chloride ions are present in equal amounts in salt, and in both table salt and rock salt are present in equal amounts. Sodium chloride is a chemical formula that is found in abundance in multicellular organisms. It is responsible for the salinity of salt and seawater. This substance is widely used in industry and home consumption. When adding salt to food, it does not have a specific odor and easily It dissolves in food but its salinity is felt and makes the food tasty and flavorful . follow us and get best organic sea salt on best price whit urmiana company  .

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Sodium chloride

How is sodium chloride formed?

To obtain this substance, ie salt in seawater or oceans, seawater is collected and evaporated in sunlight. The resulting product is often impurities such as heavy metals in seawater, such as sodium sulfate, calcium sulfate and sulfate. Sodium settles to the bottom of the pond and is partially filtered off. Chlorine atoms contain negative ions and chloride atoms contain positive ions. When the two interact, they are adsorbed together to form an ionic bond that forms salt crystals on our tablecloths.

Are salts for oral use only?

Sodium or sodium chloride is used as a raw material in the production of chemical industries. In cold regions of the world, these materials are used to prevent the freezing of roads and bridges, etc.
Application of sodium chloride
• Medical industry
• Food and pharmaceutical industries
• chemical industry
• Rubber industry
• Drilling wells
• Production of fabrics and rosy dyes
• detergents
• Paper and printing
• Freezing of roads and passages
Every year, a large amount of these substances are used in various industries. One of these applications is used in the chemical industry. Other applications are used in the production of chloride compounds. Chlorine and sodium hydroxide are formed today. They are used in the manufacture and production of soap and detergents, in the manufacture of paper, and in the aluminum industry. Wells get help from salt
The use of salt in dyeing and textile work is one of the most important uses in the production of yarn and fabric, which uses salt as a solvent and adsorption of residual ions in materials.

Serum sodium chloride

We have all used these serums often, but some of us may not have known exactly what the ingredients of these serums are. The solution of these serums consists of 9.0% sodium chloride, which is injected if water and salt in the body are reduced. Intravenous administration is prescribed.

Table salt or table salt

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