Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage

This massage, known as the Japanese massage, is a type of massage that is performed with the pressure of the fingers. It is a kind of traditional medicine in which pressures are applied by the fingers and elbows to the body system, which are predetermined. They need to be massaged and for better results and sea salt properties, massage salt is also used in spa centers. Shiatsu massage with sea salt has healing properties for damaged muscles. Massage salts contain 5 aromas of mint, lavender, lemon. , Orchids and jasmine that you can use for the quality of the consumer as much as possible. Japanese massage that is done in spa centers has professional principles that are done by experienced and skilled people at work.

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Shiatsu massage

Necessary tools for massage

Massage requires a large and bright place that has the necessary facilities and equipment. One of the necessary facilities is a massage mattress (tatami). The recipient of the massage should lie on the mattress with completely comfortable clothes or preferably without clothes, and if desired, Relaxing music calms people. Proper placement of the mat on the mattress and relaxation of the muscles during the massage is one of the factors to get better results from using Shiatsu massage, such as muscle pain, headache or sleep disorders that improve after sessions. Will find

Does Shiatsu massage require a special method?

Shiatsu massage therapy is a method of applying palm and finger pressure on the affected area to even out the body in relation to the function of other organs. In fact, the body’s response relies on the function of gentle hand pressure to treat the disease. And help improve the condition of the body system. If you massage the blood flow in the body will increase, especially reduce the blockage of blood vessels under the skin and blood flow in them, intensify energy and reduce body pain. Of course, all these cases will not be the result of a massage session. Because in the initial sessions the body will show aggressive reactions

Benefits of sea salt massage

• Relieve muscle cramps
• Stress treatment
• Treatment of damaged areas of the body
• Relief of nervous and chronic pain
• Treatment of sciatica
• Relieve back and neck pain
• Treatment of osteoarthritis
• Treatment of sinusitis
• Calms the soul

The effect of massage salt

Sea salt has many minerals that are very useful for the body. Salts such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium chloride, etc., which are absorbed through the skin. Natural salt obtained from the evaporation of sea water in recovery Many diseases are used. One of the most widely used is the treatment of damaged skin, which is used both as a dry massage and analysis in a hot bath and body massage. One of the best and most effective types of massage is massage. Shiatsu is different from other massages, which means that it gives the body more balance

Consumption of salt in society

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