The reason for the salinity of sea water

The reason for the salinity of sea water

The reason for the salinity of sea water

The question for all people is what causes sea water to be salty? Although the water of the rivers that flow into the sea is sweet, the salt in the oceans. Although many ions are destroyed by the ingestion of insects, some of them, which increase over time, remain in the sea. Another source of salt in the oceans is the seabed, which heats up as the seabed warms. It causes a chemical reaction by the magma nucleus. At this time, the water loses magnesium and sulfate and receives minerals such as copper, iron and zinc.

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The reason for the salinity of sea water

What if the oceans were fresh?

Rainwater hits the rocks during the rain and washes the rocks and transports the ions to the seas and then to the oceans, which results in the transfer of 90% sodium chloride, which is actually the main element of salts, which is why The seawater is salty. When seawater evaporates, sodium and chloride remain, and the resulting material, which is salt, is saline. The resistance of brackish water to prevent spoilage of foods will be greater than that of fresh water. Extinction is more because by rotting the water, all sea creatures will be destroyed. In addition, the stench of sea water will not leave any creature alive. When the sea water rots, toxic toxins will increase and all plants and animals will be destroyed.

What is the amount of minerals in ocean water?

Many minerals that are formed in the soil are transported to the seas and oceans by rain, which due to sunlight to the sea evaporates a lot of water from the sea and its salinity concentration increases and salt density also increases. One of the reasons for the salinity of seawater is the same action that increases the minerals in it. The solutes in open water are 3.5 percent, of which 90 percent is chloride and sodium, and only 10 percent of these substances are soluble ions. It is in the oceans that this water will not be suitable even for agriculture. The only place where one hundred percent of the elements can be found are the oceans. Of these elements, which are known in the oceans, more than 60 types of elements have been known so far, and it is hoped that the rest will be found as well. There are few who will have difficulty recognizing them, but only the remnants of them can be identified in the bodies of animals in that area. The total weight of salts in the oceans is known to be equivalent to several tons, which can be said that if Place it on the ground can cover the surface of the earth up to 45 meters

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