sea salt extraction

sea salt extraction

Sea salt extraction

The salts of Lake Urmia reach the people with completely hygienic methods during a process using the latest exploitation and hygienic methods for people’s consumption and treatment of many types of diseases. Today, the use of cosmetic salt is very common and the reason for this action is the positive effects of salt. Pedicures and manicures are on damaged skin. Today, due to the high consumption of cosmetics, which are usually available in the market and are used for better results according to publicity, these various substances have adverse effects on your skin. Contaminated varnishes and materials on the nails cause damage to the nail tissue and scaling and brittleness, which if you do not care about the health of your skin and nails in time, you will face severe complications.

wholesale sea salt by urmiana company

sea salt extraction

Sea salt for manicure and pedicure

It has happened to all of you that you have seen your nails in bad shape and dry, and after varnishing several times, you notice that the nails become thin and brittle, or you have a problem with shortening your dry nails to solve this problem and importance. Use pedicure salts to give health to your fingers. Bad condition of nail trimming causes infection under the nails. Before trimming them, prepare the appropriate pedicure salt and we will continue to explain how to use it in the shopping market. And selling beauty salt, you will encounter different types and varieties of them. It is better to choose a pedicure that is suitable for your skin condition, height, weight and blood type.

Salt therapy

Another reason for sea salt extraction is its healing properties. If you have been to spas, you have no doubt used sea salt in massage, relaxation and traditional therapies. Dead Sea salts are salts that are formed in an environment where no living thing lives, and this makes salt organic. Also, sea salt does not contain any additives or toxic substances, and this can make sea salt useful for treating most diseases today. These days, the salt of Lake Urmia is used to such an extent in salt therapy that even the risk of addiction to this salt and the concerns of doctors has increased. Armina is at your service with the wholesale sale of Dead Sea salt from Urmia. This natural sea salt is exported to all neighboring countries of Iran and western countries by Armiana company. Diseases that can be treated with sea salt include:

  • All diseases related to bone and joint pain
  • Neurological and psychotic problems
  • Skin problems
  • Seasonal allergy diseases
  • Slow hair and nail growth
  • Leave the soles of the feet

type of sea salt

Sea Table salt

Some users ask us if sea salt can be used as table salt or not? Yes . The sea salts of Lake Urmia are no different from table salt. The only difference is the amount of iodine in the salt and the coarser salt than the crystals of table salt. But we must know that one of the best edible salts of the Dead Sea is Lake Urmia.

pedicure salt

Ordinary pedicure

Most people, especially women, get damaged by wearing inappropriate and tight shoes on the skin of their feet and toenails, and because they are mostly at home without socks and shoes, the skin on their feet becomes stiff and they are exposed to dust. The ground becomes scaly and rough. Sometimes cracks can be seen on the heels and toes. Since women like to have soft and delicate skin, we recommend using pedicure salt. How to use: Pour a suitable amount of salt in a hot tub to form a solution of water and salt, then soak your feet in it and after 15 minutes pull a foot stone or a bag of dead skin layers and also soft nails. And good luck will give you a gift

Pedicure Spa

This type of pedicure offers a better and more efficient type of this product, which includes paraffin wax, flower mask or salt scrub. In addition to the higher price than usual, it also has more properties, so that by dipping the feet in paraffin wax, it cools down after a few minutes. Then take it out by removing the damaged skin layers from the legs and you will have soft, soft and moist skin

Stone pedicure

Stone pedicure is used to clean the skin of the feet and reduce pain in the muscles of the feet. Along with salt stones, you can use special oils.

Himalayan salt

Orange salt

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