Sea of Kamots

Sea of Kamots

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Sea of Kamots

This sea is located in the east of Visayana Island. This island is located in the archipelago of the Philippines in the eastern part of Cebu Island. Danajon Bank is one of the rarest seas in the Philippines. Kamots Sea has several islands called Maktan, Olango Island and Kamots Island. It was right.

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The Philippines itself is an island in the western Pacific Ocean that has the longest coastline despite having 7,000 islands. The Philippines has many attractions such as beautiful coral reefs, rainforests and mountains and the underwater world of The most amazing attractions of this country are the warm-blooded people and the friendly attitude towards tourists. They see a large number of tourists every year.

Olango Island

One of the main islands of the Kamots Sea is called Olango, which consists of 6 smaller islands. In 2010, according to statistics, the population of this island was 30996 people, so that in each part of the island live 7800 people.

Mactan Island

Maktan Island, one of the most important islands in the Kamots Sea, according to statistics taken in 2015, the island has a population of 467,824 people, which is known as one of the best islands. This island is the most populous island near Cybo Island in the central Philippines It has two parts called Lakolako and Cordova. Maktan Island is a good place to dive properties that can be reached by passing a short distance from an international airport.

Kamots Sea Climate

The climate in this region is changing with seasonal changes. One of the most influential interfaces in climate change in the region is the cold northeast winds, which are called northeastern Amihans. These winds cause the air in the region to cool down and the water temperature to drop. The winds start at the end of the year and start in November and December and decrease in May and June. Amihan wind in the windy months has a great impact on the sea climate in the Habagat season. It’s raining heavily

Cebu Island

Cebu is an island-like city that is made up of a main island and 167 other islands and is located in the center of Cebus, which is one of the oldest cities in the region. It has a large population. Maktan Island is located in this city.

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