sea Biology

sea Biology

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sea ​​Biology

Aquatic animals are creatures that can live underwater. They can live in fresh or salt water. There are different types of aquatic ecosystems. The life of these animals depends on the temperature, the type of water, the amount of light and even Their movements are unique, with more than 70% of the earth covered by water. Hundreds of species of animals are expected in the waters of this earth from small and large animals, calm and rough, carnivorous and vegetarian, etc. Aquatic animals There are many species, not only fish but also invertebrates and vertebrates, laying and mammals, crustaceans and mollusks, including aquatic or marine animals.

dead sea salt price

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Marine animals are more able to survive in the water. They live in the water with a slight difference, like humans, so they use their gills or sprays to get oxygen in their breath and use their fins to move or swim. Some of these animals reproduce by eggs, and some, like octopuses and jellyfish, hunt for food from other animals. The hunted animal can live deep in the sea, while others can use sunlight on the surface. The water goes up and down. They have a mechanism of eliminating salt water in their body

Saltwater animals

Blue Whale

It is one of the largest marine animals, the largest of which measures 27 meters.
It is a group of mammals that also have a horn that lives in the Arctic Sea.
Orcs are mammals that males are larger than males and are actually from the dolphin family.
White shark
Sharks are a type of fish in the shark family that are 6 to 8 meters long
Olive sea turtle
These reptiles, which are found in all oceans except the North Atlantic, are aquatic.

Freshwater animals


They are a group of reptiles that live in freshwater.
Freshwater crabs
This animal, which is the largest freshwater crab, lives on the island of Tasmania


There is a group of fish that are not very popular due to their access to the lakes of the American continent and unsafe waters.

Rainbow trout

These fish are raised in ordinary waters and belong to the salmon family and are caught for human consumption.
Since much of life on Earth is devoted to the oceans, many of these lives are still unknown. In addition to animals, microscopic creatures such as plants and algae are found in shallow, stagnant water. Today, about 1,500 species of fungi are known to be found in marine environments, some of which are said to have originated from parasites and animals.

Honey Salt Lake in Djibouti


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