Salt of Lake Urmia

Salt of Lake Urmia

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Salt of Lake Urmia

Lake Urmia is the second dead lake in the world, located in northwestern Iran with an area of ​​6000 square kilometers. This lake was once the second largest salt water lake in the world, but now it is facing water shortage and severe water evaporation. It is a lake that is now in the 25th row. Also, Urmia Lake is a large source of sea salt that is being exploited. The salts in the lake have high properties that have been used for many years in many industries. Lake salt has many minerals These include calcium, magnesium, potassium, chlorine, bicarbonate and lithium, and about 22 million tons of salt are extracted annually.

Wholesale sea salt

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Properties of Urmia Lake salt

• Salt Lake Features
• Medication for damaged skin
• Relieves pain
• Open muscle cramps
• Treatment of psoriasis
• Oral and gum diseases
• Electronic balance of the body
• Proper functioning of body cells
• Blood pressure control

How is lake salt obtained?

Obtaining the salt of Lake Urmia is by collecting the water of the lake in large ponds. The water of the ponds evaporates by exposure to sunlight and high heat, then the remaining salts at the bottom of the pond are dried and prepared. Consumed, these salts have healing properties because they have absorbed minerals from the clay in the water, so they have many properties in treating diseases.

What is Refined Salt?

Refined salts are obtained by longer methods using more advanced devices that are extracted from seawater by adding iodine to them and additives to salt are obtained during a heavy process. Salts are diluted after dilution. And their combination with chemical additives makes them white and cake. In this way, many of its useful salts are lost and become a property without properties.

Treatment of skin diseases with salt of Lake Urmia

This salt contains a lot of tonic and brain minerals for the body, including the skin, which has long been known by fishermen whose skin wounds were repaired with salt water. Today, many people annually soak in the water of the lake. They benefit from its treatment. The lake water has the property of rejuvenating the skin and by maintaining moisture, it can keep the skin healthy and fresh for a long time. They heal the skin. Treatment of facial blemishes: People who suffer from freckles due to sunburn will easily treat their skin by using the salt of Urmia Lake, because this salt contains sodium chloride and is suitable for dry skin and preventing body odor. And sweating increases. Itchy skin: People with itchy skin can clear their skin using sea salt to allow blood to flow under the skin and remove all toxins from under the skin.

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