Salt for pedicures and manicures

Salt for pedicures and manicures

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Salt for pedicures and manicures

Every day from the time we wake up until the night we return home, we are busy and need to rest. Now, if we want to rest with a sweaty body and closed pores, we will not get rid of daily fatigue at all. There are soaps, detergents and emollients used to remove perspiration on the surface of the skin, but if you care a lot about your skin, you should be familiar with sea salt for pedicures and manicures and enjoy their benefits.

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What do you mean by pedicure and manicure?

Manicure means hand care and pedicure means foot care. Pedicure and manicure salt helps hand care feet. We all have skin and nail problems. Most of them are people who use outdated and substandard cosmetics. They damage their skin with materials such as nail polish, base coat, top coat and finally permanent polish removers. They damage their skin by constantly using various shampoos, soaps, etc., but to compensate for these damages, pedicure salt. And we will introduce manicure to you and introduce you to their properties

Relieve stress and nervous tics with sea salt

Every day when you come home from work or shopping, most people experience stress that they are both tired and do not have much time to do housework. These stresses can occur spontaneously and are often harmful to relieve our stress. We will teach you ways to get rid of stress forever. Pour some massage salt in the bathtub and make a hot water solution and massage your body with it. In this way, you can get rid of daily stress and You will create a calm mind in addition to opening the skin pores after a working day by massaging hot water and sea salt. You will also eliminate nerve tics. Using pedicure and manicure salts, you can relieve muscle and chronic pain. Cured

What is the right amount of massage salt per day?

It takes 30 to 40 minutes to take a shower and massage with beauty salt. The amount of salt depends on the weight of the person, but usually one cup of salt is enough. When entering the bathtub, which is mixed with hot water and salt, it should take 20 minutes. Massage yourself with the solution. At this time, wash the soles of the feet with the help of a cloth or bath towel to soften and separate all the calluses on the soles of the feet. Then massage the parts of the body that are most tired or have chronic pain, then with water. Wash warm and dry the body
Pedicure and manicure methods for hands, feet and nails
To clean the soles or rough skin of the hands or bad nails, prepare some warm water and add some massage salt to it. Put your hands and feet in it. After 20 minutes, wash the puffy feet with a foot stone to To remove dead cells from the soles of the feet, to soften and shape the nails, it is better to clean the nail polishes beforehand and dry them after washing and rinsing, then smooth their tips.

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