road salt

road salt

Where do road salts come from?


Road salt

Today, in cold and icy seasons, they are used to prevent the freezing of roads and streets, which is very expensive, but the most appropriate way to do this is to use road salt. Use road salt to defrost roads and prevent people and cars from slipping. This salt consists of a little salt and sand. Of course, the amount of salt required in this mixture is usually 70% sand and 30% salt, but still the amount of salt depends on the level of glacial roads. The higher the air temperature, the higher the salt content

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road salt

Benefits of road salt spraying

The effect of salt spraying on the roads is very effective because the slippery roads and streets on a cold day and the icy streets cause a lot of damage to the people and the municipality. You have probably seen small bags on the street corner in winter. Salt is provided for public use. These salts are placed by the municipality for public viewing and consumption in order to melt the street ice for public use.

Where do road salts come from?

Road salt is a salt that is obtained naturally from the lake and is not suitable for eating due to its lack of purification because it is not pure and contains sand. Salts that are extracted naturally have a brown and gray color. That is, they suffer from impurities such as sand. These types of rock salts are crushed by special devices and stored for small road use in small bags to be used on snowy and icy days.

How does road salt melt ice?

Road surface water freezes when it reaches below zero, when salt is sprayed on them, it lowers the freezing point when the weather is about to cool, and is announced by the meteorologist to give people access to the salt. They are placed on the side of the street, while rock salt is one of the least expensive methods for defrosting, but these chemicals are mostly used for public sidewalks and sidewalks because these substances, like other chemicals, have positive effects. And is negative

Impact of road salt on groundwater

Although rock salt is abundant and easily available, but its high consumption can not work in high temperatures and therefore penetrates into groundwater. Sodium and chlorine in Jah salt penetrate into the water Groundwater increases their salinity. On the other hand, rock salt contains impurities that pollute water as pollutants. Rock salt contains pollutants including lead, aluminum, cadmium, chromium, manganese, iron and phosphorus.

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