Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques

In today’s life, there are less times when we do not suffer from stress, from leaving to return children from school to daily chores outside the home and on time to get to work and daily activities, etc. Sometimes in traffic on busy streets, such stress. It takes our whole being that we do not know from head to toe. The cause of stress can be of different types, but the important thing is how to cope with it and get rid of stress. When stress, the body produces more hormones and the heart rate increases. Breathing becomes more intense and the most important symptom of stress will be muscle cramps, but natural methods can be used to deal with stress. get bulk sea salt on best price by  urmiana company

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Relaxation techniques

Herbert Benson, a cardiologist at Harvard University, identifies reactions to stress when we worry about it. He called these reactions relaxation techniques. When stress disrupts the body system, the body begins to secrete chemical hormones. Hormones increase the heart rate by entering the blood and increase the speed of blood circulation. No one can resist stress, but you can get rid of stress by learning the relaxation reaction. The relaxation reaction helps you to

How to deal with this problem

Lower your heart rate when you are stressed
• The muscles relax and get rid of cramps
• More blood reaches the brain
Deeper breathing occurs
There are several ways to deal with stress today, including a variety of relaxation techniques
• Deep breathing
• Release the muscles
• Body scan meditation
• Faragah Meditation
• Mental exercises
• Yoga movements
• Sea salt massage

The latest way to deal with stress

Another natural method of relaxation techniques is body massage with sea salt. Sea salt obtained from the evaporation of salt water in Lake Urmia has a high amount of sodium chloride and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, etc. The body One of these complications is stress, which usually occurs in daily activities. The use of bath salts and various spas have tremendous effects in the treatment of stress. Stress can be acute or chronic. In the following, you will learn how to use sea salt
Sea salt has a high level of minerals needed by the body and one of its properties can be mentioned to improve blood circulation, treat skin and beauty, prevent hair loss, increase blood flow under the skin, reduce stress and relieve chronic pain is

Method of using massage salt

Dissolve two cups of sea salt in a hot tub and massage your body in it for 25 to 30 minutes. Natural salts are absorbed through the skin. Researchers recommend drinking water before and after salt treatment. After this period, rinse your body and dry your body with a warm towel. Using salt therapy can cure many diseases such as asthma, respiratory disorders, lowering blood pressure, skin diseases, and so on.

Dryness of Lake Urmia

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