Qom Salt Lake

Qom Salt Lake

Qom Salt Lake

Qom Salt Lake with an area of ​​approximately 3000 square kilometers and the area of ​​Hoz Sultan is equivalent to 240 square kilometers located 40 km northeast of Qom city and 85 km south of Tehran. Qom Lake is also known as Saveh Lake, Hoz Sultan, Shahi Lake. This lake varies in size according to the amount of rainfall in the year, and when it rains a lot, it covers a larger area, which increases and decreases several times in different seasons of the year. Usually, it faces water shortage in summer and melts in winter. Snow from the heights of the Alborz Mountains covers a higher level of water
Today, Lake Qom is one of the recreation areas and landscapes of this region and is one of the 9 saltwater lakes in Iran, which like the rest of them has attractive and environmental features. There are two lakes near Qom. Many people visit it and visit it. In fact, it is one of the tourist attractions in the province. The water shortages of recent years have turned the lake into a salt marsh, and this has caused concern for farmers and the people.

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Qom Salt Lake

Where is the Sultan Basin?

Every year, many tourists from most parts of the country visit Qom Salt Lake, especially in the warm seasons, which cover the desert surface with salt, adds to the beauty of the lake. Hoz Sultan has a historical aspect. One of the world famous tourists named Gabriel has mentioned Lake Sultan in his travelogue and writes that the salt lake was on the way of caravans. In the Safavid period, there was a paved road from Rey to Qom for welfare. Now the pilgrims could be seen by this road passing through the Sultan’s pool and also a caravanserai was built in the middle of the road for their rest. This pond consists of two wetlands that were connected by a narrow road. At one time, this area was one of the assets of Amin Sultan, the Prime Minister of Qajar, and now some people still know the lake by this name.

Is Qom Salt Lake different from Sultan Basin?

Those who have not visited this place think that there is a lake with naming, but Hoz Sultan Lake is located near Qom Lake, a short distance between them. Hoz Sultan Lake was once known as Amin Sultan Sadr Azam Qajar, but in previous history From him, this lake also existed. At that time, these two lakes were connected by creating a small road, but today, with the depletion of the water, the Dalak Bridge has cut off the connection between the two. Qom road is located

When is the best time to visit Qom Lake?

Although people are eager to see Lake Qom all year round, the cooler the weather, such as spring and early autumn, the better and more enjoyable the fun will be, especially on rainy days when traveling to this area will be enjoyable. Of course, it is better to use appropriate clothes because in rainy conditions, more mud is created around the lake

Tourist attractions around the lake

• Kavir National Park
• Hoz Sultan Caravanserai
• Sefidab Caravanserai
• Sultan Caravanserai
• Aliabad Caravanserai
• Manzaria Caravanserai

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