Properties of Urmia Lake salt

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Properties of Urmia Lake salt

Extraction of salt from the second dead lake in the world called Lake Urmia and its benefits on the skin is a special and general famous medicine that its effect on the skin and reduce pain has been able to lead a huge range of people to this type of treatment. They collect special ponds and their water evaporates over time with sunlight. As the salts settle to the bottom of the pond, they are dried and packaged in different species. These medicinal products are healing and Other cosmetics will be much cheaper. Sometimes to increase the properties and ease of use, we use a combination of different oils and fragrances in the product, each of which has its own properties according to the amount and type of skin damage.

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8 properties of sea salt

Treatment of dull skin
Blackheads on the face and body
Prevent premature aging of the skin due to dehydration
• Flowing blood vessels under the skin
• Eliminates underarm and groin opacity
• Treatment of psoriasis
• Treatment of warts and acne
• Treatment of seborrhea and melanoma
In addition to beautifying the skin, Lake Urmia salt has a good effect on relieving many muscle cramps, rinsing the nose, controlling heart rate, relieving body fatigue, etc. These products have a good effect on establishing the body’s electrical balance. Evaporated from the salt water of the lake, their color is different from refined salts and they have a darker color than them. The reason for the change in color of natural salt is due to the presence of minerals in them, but refined salt, although with advanced devices And industrial are refined in several stages and with them iodine and bleach are added. They have ambassador color and smaller grains.

The effect of sea salt on teeth

Urmia Lake salt prevents tooth decay due to its fluoride solution. Dissolve some sea salt in a glass of lukewarm water and disinfect your mouth and gums with this solution. This solution helps to harden the gums and prevent bleeding. Slowly say goodbye to sputum and sore throat forever with a solution spool in the throat

Treat arthritis with natural salt

If you suffer from knee pain, dissolve some of the salt of Lake Urmia in a hot bath and massage your feet in it for 20 minutes. It has been proven that sodium chloride in salt reduces arthritis and relieves pain. Forgive

Enjoy eating with the salt of Lake Urmia

Urmia Lake salts have been bought and sold in various industries for many years and a large amount of it is spent annually to treat various diseases. Until now, according to research, people, especially people living in the lake, claim that their disease has improved by bathing lake salt. Also, using salt in their food makes the food more delicious.

road salt extracted from urmia lake


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