Powder Grain

Beauty salt (microspire seed salt)

Sometimes there are people who may use different creams and cosmetics and after a while they break the skin, or there are people who do not take care of their skin at all and do not care about healthy like it, or if the skin It is safe to take no action to take care of it, for example, pool water that we all use today, despite having a lot of chlorine, is considered a destructive of the skin, which shows its effect over time after sleeping. Sleeping with makeup also has very negative effects on the skin And many of these things go hand in hand to get a skin disease at once and think about treating the skin of your face and body. Maybe friends and acquaintances prescribe different drugs, none of which is better than treatment with Rizaspir seed beauty salt. You can prepare and consume it without delay and at a lower cost. Mother.

The beauty of salt

Many experts believe that sea salt extracted from the second dead lake in the world (Lake Urmia) plays an important role in regenerating scratched, wrinkled and broken skin. And it has sulfate, which some people compensate for by eating foods and fruits, but the absorption of these minerals through food and fruits should take a long time, but you can take a few baths with fine-grained sea salt. Give as a gift to your skin and body. How to use it: Dissolve a small amount of fine-grained salt of Sperara in a bath spa and massage your skin and face in concentrated salt water for 15 to 20 minutes. Fine-grained seeds contain 21 beneficial minerals such as sulfur, potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium, which cure many skin diseases.
• Treatment of amoebiasis
• Psoriasis
• Dandruff
• Galosbore
• Eczema

Acne treatment

Anti-wrinkle facial
• Anti-allergy
• Anti-inflammatory skin
• Soothing
• Peeler

Facial massage with fine-grained salt
Scratching with fine-grained salt can massage the skin of the face, although the grains are crystalline, but it does not cause scratches on the skin. Finally, it gives freshness and freshness to your skin

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