Pink salt

Pink salt

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Pink salt

Pink salt, like other sea salts, has high properties but is mined in the form of rock. This salt is a product of the Punjab region of Pakistan. Punjab is a region near the foothills of the Himalayas. The salt from this region, although it looks like edible salt. But it contains 98% sodium chloride and we have the rest of calcium, potassium and magnesium, which have numerous effects on human health.

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What are the benefits of pink salt?

The body of all human beings needs different minerals to survive and be healthy. One of these substances is sodium. The highest amount of sodium is found in Himalayan salts. The presence of sodium in the body relaxes muscles, and prevents nerve tics. Himalayan salt has been shown to play a key role in controlling blood pressure
• Improves depression
• Blood pressure control
• Improves infection in the body
• Relaxing the nerves
• Maintain balance in the body
• Excretion of toxins from the body

Control blood sugar with pink salt

One of the properties of Himalayan salt can be as effective as insulin in the body. Daily consumption of one dose of this salt helps to increase salivation and absorption of fluids in the body and prevent the formation of blood sugar in the body. Oral saliva is activated and helps digestion. Today, salt is used to treat respiratory diseases by inhalation.

Improve lung problems

For people suffering from shortness of breath, dissolve some Himalayan salt in half a glass of water and roll it. Particles in the air dissolved in the lungs move and open the lungs. This method is used in the treatment of seasonal allergies, rinsing. Sinuses and shortness of breath are helpful

Treat pimples and acne

Body massage in the bath with a solution of warm water and Himalayan salt can cure many skin diseases and chronic pain. Mix two cups of Himalayan salt in a bath with warm water and massage your body with it for 20 minutes. In addition to relieving fatigue, it will improve pimples and acne. If you suffer from muscle cramps, this method of salt bath can help relieve your muscle cramps. Pink salt contains sulfur, which is associated with blackheads on the body and face. Fights

Himalayan salt mask

If you have sensitive skin and you have pimples on your face, use a Himalayan salt mask to treat pimples. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in half a glass of distilled water and put it on your damaged skin for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water during this time

Treat dandruff with pink salt

Due to the penetration of some bacteria on the scalp itching and dandruff Mix a tablespoon of Himalayan salt with a tablespoon of shampoo and massage your hair with it and after 5 minutes wash your dandruff Treat with it.

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