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Cocktail Pedicure

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What is a pedicure cocktail?

Are you one of those people who work from morning till night and your feet are in shoes and when you enter the house, all the members of the family are annoyed by the bad smell of your feet or do you have scaly feet despite the shoes on the carpet? You do not feel good because of the roughness of your toenails. Some people’s feet have sensitive skin to the open air and they should always wear socks.
All the problems mentioned above have a solution and that way is to research about cocktail pedicure

what is pedicure salt

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Cocktail Pedicure

Pedicure means skin tonic, repair and shaping of fingernails and toenails, which can be done anywhere, such as at home or in the hairdresser. Pedicure cocktail has created health for us by doing cleansing. Massage, which plays an important role in hydrating the skin, some of which contain sea salt, which is why it gives beauty and freshness to the skin.
• Calcium
• Magnesium
• Potassium
• Contains sulfur
• Contains emollient oils

Colored pedicures

Cocktails are produced in different sizes and colors, each of which can have its own properties and performance. Pedicure cocktail is rich in potassium and plays an important role in repairing the skin of damaged feet.

Learning to use cocktail pedicure

Heat a bowl full of water, then put one of the pedicure balls in the water to dissolve it a little, then put the feet in the water so that the hot water gets on the feet, and after 20 to 30 minutes, all the dead and rough skin is removed from the feet. You can wash them well with a towel and then rinse and dry your feet with empty water.

Types of pedicure properties on the skin

  • Removes dry skin
  • Gentle skin
  •  Peeler
  •  Anti-inflammatory
  •  Treatment of cuts and dry nails
  • No chemicals

What is a manicure?

Many people, especially women, pay a lot of attention to the shape and beauty of their nails. They use any method they know how to keep their nails healthy and long, but after a few days, the nails break and deteriorate. Cocktails contain natural oils for skin and nails that prevent nails from brittleness. These salt balls are also called bath bombs, and the most important thing to form nails is to use a manicure cocktail, first cleans and softens the nails, then gives them a beautiful shape.

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