orange salt

orange salt

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Orange salt

Orange salt rock is composed of two elements, chlorine and sodium, which crystallize into rock salt. Bright crystals of fog are a good source for the production of ions (charged particles) by exposure to sunlight, a special energy in itself They produce the resulting energy may not be noticeable but it is found a lot in natural salts
Nowadays, when we face increasing pollution, the flow of fresh and healthy air to the home or work environment is impossible, but using orange rock salt can fight the polluted air in a closed environment. The property of cleaning air pollution in salt rock has caused many researchers in this Investigate and prove these properties. By placing light bulbs inside mineral salt rocks that have been shaped like this for many years, they can neutralize the dangerous ions in the air and turn the indoor environment into clean and healthy air.

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How is orange salt obtained?

Salt stones are extracted from the heart of the mountain by hardworking workers and cut by artists with taste. The weight of each of them is different, ie they weigh from 5 to 30 kilos. They place candles in different colors in the stones. The unique colors of the crystals each depend on the properties of the material. For example, the lime in the salt shows red streaks when exposed to light, and the manganese in the orange streaks, each of which has different properties. The beauty of salt rock in the environment is also incredible because it can not be seen with the naked eye, they can be experienced over time.
• Increase relaxation and
• Reducing stress
• Improve the quality of sleep
• Disposal of negative energy in the environment
• Improve pulmonary disorders
• Polluted air treatment

Cleaning the air of houses with salt rock lights

Salt crystal is one of the rarest materials which means that it has an electrical structure. These are the properties that constantly change the state of salt. Salt, which in the washing process of some of its materials such as lime, sand and sulfur is separated and cut, has a small color that is known as salt lamp, but this is not enough to take advantage of the air purifying properties, but By placing lamps inside the rock, its ions are activated and activated, although due to being in the presence of air, 1 millimeter of rock salt will be reduced annually.


Benefits of using orange salt

Researchers have concluded that the colors of light around us can have adverse effects, especially blue light, but doctors recommend that after using natural sunlight, avoid exposure to blue light such as TVs, computers, mobile phones, especially when Sunset should be avoided Salt stone lamps with orange color by releasing negative ions in the air neutralize harmful waves. Salt lamps are a good source of light for homes, especially when used as a bedside lamp. Their properties include absorbing moisture and increasing air quality.

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