Massage the baby with sea salt

Massage the baby with sea salt

Massage the baby with sea salt

For the peace of mind of children, we suggest you to use sea salt. If you want to have a baby massage with the utmost peace and comfort of your baby, have a completely useful experience with the sea salt of Lake Urmia. Massage the baby is one of the best ways to calm the baby. On the other hand, it is a way of communication between the baby and the parents. Massaging or touching the baby gives him a sense of security and relaxation. The baby is also used to improve fatigue and flatulence. In fact, it is a kind of treatment for him that puts the child to sleep, since the sense of touch is the most cognitive among the five senses that children know their parents by touching, and with this massage, his body also grows. Massage Giving a child has many benefits for him, such as:
• Strengthen muscles
• Calming the baby
• The child falls asleep
• Relieve abdominal winds
• Relief of toothache and …
• Improve blood circulation
• Communication between baby and parents by touch

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Massage the baby with sea salt

What are the conditions and times of massage for a child?

When massaging the baby, try to use a calm environment. Turn off the phone. Keep the home environment at the same temperature as the baby. It is better to wear less clothes for the baby so that the heat does not bother the baby. Remove all clothing from the body. Place the baby in a safe place so that if he falls asleep during the massage, he does not need to move. Open the baby’s diaper and place a towel under him to prevent the baby from getting dirty on the bed. Be prevented. Your baby needs relaxation for a massage. Avoid tickling your baby and touching his body gently. If the baby is in the early months of life, do more gentle movements on his body. It is better to use massage oil to prevent stretching. Use baby skin.
When massaging, rub the baby’s arms and legs more, then put the baby to sleep on his back and massage his back as well. Do not squeeze soft organs such as the baby’s head. Rub the baby’s abdomen with a little pressure, squeezing the sensitive points. Avoid.
Sing lullabies to the baby’s eyes or communicate better by reading soothing poems. Sometimes the baby cries during the massage. Stop the massage and check if the baby is hungry or the heat of the environment is burning his body or the air. The environment is cold and continue the massage again after calming him. Using massage oil can increase the quality of the massage because the roughness of the skin and its dryness cause irritation to the baby’s skin.

What oil is suitable for baby massage?

The best oil that is compatible with baby skin is coconut oil, so that with a drop of coconut oil on the baby’s body, it both improves the massage and does not stretch the baby’s skin, and they are better than mineral oils. Coconut oil has antifungal properties. It has antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial properties.
The right time to massage the baby
• Do not plan for a massage time because you should do it whenever your child needs a massage.
• Do not use multiple oils on the baby’s skin. Concentrated and mineral oils damage the baby’s skin.
• Do not start the massage immediately after eating because it will cause food to upset in the baby’s abdomen.
• Do not do the massage time for more than 45 minutes. Apply the massage when the child is awake.

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