Manicure Cocktail

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What is a Manicure Cocktail?

Many people value the beauty of their nails and always look for a way to beautify and look better. The beauty of the hands can be seen by decorating the nails. Decorating the nails is very important among people, but shaping the tip of the nail and giving it shape It will not be everyone’s job alone. Usually, when nailing or cutting nails, they break or become crooked. Today, cocktail manicure has been able to attract a lot of fans and has solved this problem easily.

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The benefits of a manicure cocktail

With the advent of manicure cocktails, you no longer have to spend a significant amount of your savings in hairdressers and beauty salons every month or week. Manicure cocktails easily shape your nails.

How to prepare a manicure cocktail

Manicure cocktail is extracted from the salts of the second dead lake of Chahan (Lake Urmia) and is marketed in various ways to treat many diseases, including skin diseases, which contain baking soda, citric acid, massage oils and aromatic dyes. The Food and Drug Administration has been able to offer products such as sea salt, massage salts, beauty salt (fine grains), pedicure and manicure salt, bath salt, pedicure cocktail, manicure cocktail … in perfect hygienic conditions to compatriots all over the country.

Learn how to make a manicure cocktail

We teach you a way to make these cocktails at home with a little creativity and taste.
• 1 cup baking soda
• 1 second module of citric acid
• 1 cup cornstarch
• Liquid pliers oil 1 tbsp
• Massage oil 2 tbsp
First, pour the starch and baking soda into a bowl and mix, then mix the vanilla liqueur oils and citric acid in another bowl. If you wish, you can also add vanilla to your ingredients, then add it drop by drop to the dry ingredients and mix to form To get a uniform and uniform, prepare a ball-shaped mold and grease it inside, and pour the material into the mold little by little and press it until they stick together. Do not open the molds for 48 hours until it takes its toll, then remove the plastic mold from Open around the manicure cocktail and they can be used after a week. You can choose the easy colors to your liking.

How to use a manicure cocktail

First, pour one of the manicure cocktails into a bowl full of hot water to dissolve in hot water, then soak your feet in water for 20 or 30 minutes, after which rinse your feet with water and dry them. They are clean, shiny and very soft and soft. You can shape and shape the nails in any way you want, and also the dead skin of the soles of the feet is peeled and cleaned. Mani-blind cocktail has many properties. One of these properties is hydrating the skin.

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