Lake Urmia

Lake Urmia is the largest inland lake

Lake Urmia is the largest saltwater lake in the Middle East and the sixth largest saltwater lake in the world. This lake is located in northwestern Iran, between the two temperate provinces of East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan. From the north to the south of the lake and 85 km from the east to the west of the lake and its depth in normal conditions is about 13 meters and covers an area of 5200 square kilometer

Permanent and seasonal rivers

Urmia Lake has 21 permanent and seasonal rivers, the most important of which we will name for your information.
• Ajay Chai
• Zarrineh River
• Simineh River
• Kahrizchai
• Shahrchai
• Zolachai (Salman River)
Lake Urmia, the largest inland lake in the country, has more than 100 islands in its heart. Stork, duckling, dagger tip, stick and chicken will be Nowruz. The lake is salty and the salt obtained from the lake is used for special treatments.

What is Spear Sea Salt?

Today, with the advancement of science and the efforts of our country’s specialists and pharmacists, they have been able to prepare and market suitable medicines for sensitive and damaged skin with the salts extracted from Urmia Lake. Treat lupus, dry skin, sporosis, acne, etc. with multiple uses

Massage salt

If you have ever used special salts for massage spirits, you are aware of the role of this product on the skin of your body and face. This salt is rich in salts and minerals, which, by using it properly, eliminates the need for various diet foods and creams. Dark bodies such as groin or armpits are irritated and their treatment is not with a drug other than massage salt because one of its properties due to the presence of sulfur is to remove dull skin.

Rizaspir seed salt

The fine-grained salt looks like fine-grained crystals that not only do not scratch or irritate the skin when used, but are also exfoliators that repair damaged areas due to the presence of pigment and minerals.

Spear bath salt

It is prepared from the best and most reliable hygienic salts of the lake. Pour a certain amount of it in a hot bath and massage your skin in salt water, which by repeating this work several times, you will realize its high quality, including the removal of dry skin. The spots created are the place of boils, etc., and due to the presence of mineral salts, you will cause hydration, freshness and youthfulness of the skin.

Pedicure and manicure salt

Pedicure and manicure salt works on the skin of the soles of the feet as well as dry nails on your hands and feet. Most people, especially in the hot summer season, become dry and scaly due to the creamy and dry weather, so go to pedicure salt before any way. Put hot water and massage by adding

pedicure salt and enjoy the unique result

What are the healing properties of cocktail pedicure?
It looks like a handmade ball, except for the air freshener and dissolving in hot water. Due to the combination of a special oil, it softens the sensitive skin and damages your feet.

Cocktail Manicure

The property of these balls is that they will make your nails soft and supple and in shape.

What is algae therapy?

Seaweed contains nutrients and nutrients such as proteins and vitamins needed by the skin. To have beautiful and always fresh and fresh skin, prepare an algae mask and put it on your skin.

Properties of seagrass mask

Yoga mask can remove you from the sensitivity and inflammation of the skin, and its high hydration makes your skin fresh, brighter and brighter, and cleanses your face of harmful toxins to the skin.

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