Kosher salt

Kosher salt

Kosher salt

Salt is one of the products that are found in abundance in families and is one of the products that are abundant in our country, but salt is one of the foods that every person should eat in a certain amount, ie 5 grams per day, and in some people For people with high blood pressure, 3 grams per day is recommended, but this small amount can give many properties to the body. Sea salt, which contains many minerals that can be absorbed not only orally but also through the skin as Body massage with sea salt Massage can be used dry or combined with massage oil or preparation of water and salt solution in the bathtub and body massage in it and enjoy its properties.

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Kosher salt

Application of kosher salt

Today, no food can be eaten without salt, ie the most important seasoning of food is salt. Lake Urmia salt is one of the most characteristic and well-known types of salt that has high benefits. A large amount of this product is exported annually to Asian and European countries. One of the salts that people have used for a long time is kosher salt, which is also called halal salt. Halal salt also means that in ancient times, to separate blood from meat by spraying halal salt on it and pressing the meat Blood was separated from it. Solvent salt has been used for many years by people all over the world for a variety of uses, including table salt. This product not only makes food delicious but is also rich in minerals.

What is the difference between table salt and kosher?

Kosher salt has large crystalline grains and its salinity is more than ordinary salt, so use less volume when adding to food. Its structure is scaly. Their taste is different from white salt on the table. They are large, but the salt is used by chefs around the world because their taste doubles the pleasure of serving food, and by reducing the amount of iodine in this condiment, it is still served in kitchens.

Harms of salt for high blood pressure

Salts are not only used for eating, but they are also used in various industries. In the past, salts were used to preserve foods such as meat for a longer period of time. This was due to the lack of bacteria in the material, but due to its high salinity concentration. Oral consumption of kosher salt is not suitable for people with high blood pressure from the point of view of nutritionists. Since salt consumption is harmful for people with unhealthy diets, in healthy foods less salt can also meet the body’s mineral needs. It has less stickiness and iodine than refined salt. When eating, be careful that one tablespoon of kosher salt is equivalent to one teaspoon of refined salt. Be careful not to over-salt the food when replacing it with food.

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