Kara Sea

Kara Sea

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Kara Sea

The name of the sea is derived from the name of the Kara River, which is located on the shores of the Arctic Ocean and is adjacent to the North Shore of the Russian Federation, which extends from the northwest to the island of Novaya Zemlya. Kara has an area of 880,000 square kilometers with a depth of 30 to 100 meters, although its deepest point is recorded up to 620 meters. The climate of this region by sea is one of the coldest regions in Russia, so that Its water temperature near the mouth of the river in summer reaches zero degrees Celsius.

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In which part of the sea are the islands of the Kara Sea located?

This sea has several islands. Unlike other Arctic seas whose islands are located on the coast, the islands of the Kara Sea are located in its central regions. The temperature in this sea is so low that it reaches 1.8 degrees Celsius in winter and Although you get closer to the depths of the sea, especially in the trenches where the warm waters of the Barantz penetrate, the water temperature rises and the salinity of the water increases. In August, the temperature in the northeast varies up to 5 ° C in the south near the coast

Impact of climate change in the Kara Sea

One of the tourist attractions of this region is their successive storms and foggy weather. In this sea, despite the winds and storms, the water flows in two directions. The wind blows from the northeast and southwest, contrary to the water flow. The clock is ticking. In this sea, the tide is created differently in most areas. The height of the wave occurs in them on average, and with the cooling of the air in September, the seawater begins to freeze, and in October almost all the water The area is covered with ice
The cold and harsh climate in this region has made it impossible for most animals to live in this condition. About 54 species of fish live in this sea. Many animals, including invertebrates and many fish, breed in this sea. Salmon and Whites first spawn in the river
Most fish in the Kara Sea
• Grass salmon
• Sookie Seeker Fish
• Navajo
• Maxon
• Amol
• Nelma
• character
• Chinook salmon
• Neck herd
Geological structure of the Kara Sea

Sea of Kamots


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