himalayan salt

himalayan salt

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Himalayan salt

The highest mountain in Asia is called the Himalayas. Its height is 2400 km. This mountain has high and soaring peaks that were once the sea and gradually turned into a sea of ​​salt by evaporating the sea water. The Himalayas have benefited greatly and are considered a valuable substance
One of the essential substances for our body is salt, but in the necessary amount because its low and high consumption can also be harmful to the body. Himalayan salts, also known as pink salt, have a very high amount of sodium chloride, although the appearance of this salt with Ordinary salts are no different, but they have higher mineral properties than other salts and their taste is different from other table salts. Himalayan salts are extracted in the form of rock salt from the Punjab region of Pakistan and are light pink in color.
Himalayan salt contains 98% of sodium chloride and 2% of minerals. This salt is widely used in various industries, including traditional medicine. In the following, you will mention some of its properties.

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Properties of pink salt in relieving muscle cramps

Since after a working day or the end of a trip, the first thing we think about is a hot shower to relieve fatigue, but a normal shower is only to get rid of body sweat. To relieve fatigue, it is better to fill the bathtub. Heat water and as much as you need, it depends on the weight of people, pour pink salt in the tub and make a solution of water and salt, then put yourself in the tub and massage your body, you will feel very comfortable and happy. This method of bathing has many benefits for body aches, including pain caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Magnesium in salt relaxes the muscles taken, relieves bone pain, removes fatigue, and removes all toxins from the body.

Properties of lampshade salt

Today, Himalayan salt rock is used as a decoration in all places such as homes and offices for air purification. They are cut in different shapes, some of them are made in the shape of a triangular, square or cube.
Control blood pressure with pink salt
Sodium in this salt can lower high blood pressure. Natural salts have less salinity due to the refining process. This causes people to consume a lot of salt to achieve the result in food and will increase blood pressure. Using pink salt It can adjust your pressure

Features of pink salt

Eating pink salt helps absorb food in the digestive tract and you will be less hungry
Pink salt strengthens the soft tissues of the body
• Thins the blood and facilitates blood circulation
A natural moisturizer for your skin
• Strengthens bones
• Exfoliates damaged skin
• Its combination with honey and orange juice is effective in relieving colds
• Reduction of acid reflux

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