Harms of sea salt

Harms of sea salt

Harms of sea salt

Although sea salt has been trusted by people for many years as a medicine for the treatment of various skin and hair diseases, etc., including orally, but researchers have found that it can use this product indiscriminately on human health. Unrefined salts also contain heavy minerals and minerals for the body that should be avoided orally. Both refined and sea salt are extracted from the same sea, both of which contain the two elements sodium and They are chlorine, but they are packaged differently because the edible salts remove all the heavy salts in several steps and kill the germs at 300 ° C, then add iodine as the salt. Iodized is available to the consumer, but sea salt is available in a completely natural way with many minerals to treat various skin diseases, etc. Consumption of salt The harms of sea salt will be far more than refined salt, which will continue to They will point . follow us and get organic sea salt from urmia lake

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Harms of sea salt

Which salt is better for food?

There are different brands of sea salt on the market, but not all of them are harmful to human health because some of them are approved by the Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug Administration, but a large number of them due to insoluble impurities such as Heavy metals such as gypsum, sand, calcium and magnesium, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic in them can cause dangerous effects on digestion, although salt is a very important substance in the body and affects brain function and metabolism, but Impurities and harms of sea salt and its carcinogenic risk have been proven

Is sea salt carcinogenic?

Azam Zamani, a nutritionist in Hormozgan, said in relation to refined salt and sea salt that sea salt is crushed into products that are obtained directly from the sea and have not been refined. These salts not only contain heavy metal impurities, but also one of Its content is arsenic, which can be carcinogenic. Consumption of any high salt can increase the risk of osteoporosis. Another disadvantage of sea salt is its unpleasant effects on the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract and lungs. Iodine and prevention of diseases such as goiter and congenital disorders, deafness and mute infants, increased abortion, hypothyroidism, and decreased intelligence and mental function

The difference between sea salt and refined salt

Although sea salt is not much different from the appearance of refined salt and both of them do not have a specific color and taste, but how they are extracted is different, but today sea salt is used to treat many skin problems and reduce chronic pain. All kinds of sea salts are sold in the city, each of which has countless properties for the beauty of the skin and the treatment of pimples and acne, hydrating the skin and preventing premature aging, pedicure cocktails and manicures in 5 scents, bath salt to relieve fatigue And the separation of dead cells from the skin of the soles of the feet, etc.

Sea salt for weight loss

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