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What is a pedicure and manicure salt?

If you are one of those who care about the beauty and health of the skin and body and to treat diseased skin due to the use of non-standard cosmetics or stress that causes the most damage to the skin these days, serious injuries such as wrinkles, itching, pimples You are researching the skin and black face of the face, etc., and you are looking for a suitable medicine to definitely remove the problem from you, and you have a fresh and pain-free skin. Be sure to look at Spear articles to find out the answers to your questions. Have you ever wondered where Spear sea salt is prepared and what diseases it cures? Due to the successive subsidence of Lake Urmia or the construction of large ponds to evaporate its water, they have been able to extract a lot of salt from the lake.

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Exfoliate the skin with pedicure salt

Spear Company has acquired the best producer of pedicure and manicure salt in the world with the aim of providing quality and hygienic products with an official license under the supervision of the Food and Drug Administration. One of these products is known as pedicure and manicure. Pedicure salt in the form of grains It is a crystal that not only does not cause roughness on the skin, but also exfoliates the damaged skin surface and leaves the skin fresh and fresh.

Properties of pedicure salt

The skin of the hands and feet needs magnesium for freshness and freshness. Pedicure salt due to the presence of minerals such as magnesium can compensate for this deficiency to some extent. And treats dryness and cracking of the skin of the feet and toes well
The property of stone pedicure
Pedicure salt is also available in the form of stones. The property of these hot stones is the pedicure salt of body massage, which can relax the tight

muscles of the body and reduce pain.

Treatment of foot cracks with pedicure salt (Spear)
Pour two tablespoons of pedicure salt into a large bowl of warm water and dissolve it, then put your feet in it for 10 minutes.

What is Manicure Salt?

Are you getting rid of nail roughness or are you always depressed from chronic pain or are you looking for a solution to treat eczema and many other skin problems? Manicure with sea salt will solve all these problems. Manicure salt with high minerals can have positive effects. On your skin, nails and even your hair. When buying, pay attention if you buy a low quality or non-standard product, not only will it not be useful for you, but the negative effects on your skin and body can have irreversible effects.

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