Everything is packing salt

Everything is packing salt

Everything is packing salt

Salt is the main condiment of food that is used in all foods. In fact, it is the main part of food without which food can not be served at all. Salts in Ka Mola are divided into two types: refined salt and natural salt. Due to the fact that this product has many uses in our country, both in terms of food consumption and in terms of use in various industries, in different types of packaging, they are used as refined salt and sea salt, but for their packaging. We see them in different packages in stores, each of which needs salt packing machines to do this. For salt packing, 4 different machines are needed. Three side machines and one packing machine, which is the most important task. he is doing it . bulk sea salt of urmia lake

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Everything is packing salt

Types of salt packaging

Cellophane salt packing machine

Cellophane salt packing machines automatically package the salts in different volumes. The most common type is the type of volumes under 1 kg, which are packaged for household consumption with cellophane cover. They are packed by the machine. Volumetric 2 weights, 4 weights and 10 weights are done, the only difference being the speed of salt packing. Of course, these machines are also used in packing different types of grains. Transmits This type of device has the ability to do several things, such as
• Transfer salt in the specified amount inside the bag
• Female date: It is a small heating device that is used to engrave the expiration date and consumer price on the envelopes.
• Female envelope form system
• Conveyor belt on the package: Transfers packages into bags or cartons
• Nitrogen gas injection

Solo salt packaging

Single-person salts that are packaged with the help of sachet machines are mostly used in meetings in hotels and restaurants, etc. This machine has sugar sump, spices, and single pepper for packing.

Packaging of canned salt

This type of salt is packaged in PET or plastic cans weighing from 20 g to 1000 g. This is done by granular filling cans.

Application of powder filling machine

One of the machines is powder filling machine. It is a powder that is used for packing salt, powder and laundry, spices, etc. It should be mentioned that if you use the machine to fill chemicals, it is no longer used for filling. Do not use food. Today, this type of device is also used for home work, although they are smaller than the industrial type, but they have the same function in general.

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