Edible sea salt

Edible sea salt

Edible sea salt

Today, sea salt is widely used in various industries. In recent years, people use sea salt because of its properties to treat some diseases such as high blood pressure in their food. Sea salt has numerous properties that in addition to health and control Blood pressure also has many effects on the beauty of the skin, but the difference between this salt and food salt is in their shape that dialysis salts are in the form of crystals or larger crystals and no quantity is seen in them. Consumption of edible sea salt can improve the quality Food has an effect. Consumption of sea salt in baking bread can have an effect on the crispiness and even consistency of the dough, but due to the lack of iodine in sea salt, the consumption should be reduced like salt on the table. Excessive consumption of anything can There are also disadvantages. Join us with the sale and price of sea salt

Wholesale sea salt

Edible sea salt

Under what conditions is sea salt obtained?

To obtain edible salt from the lake, the lake water is first collected in special ponds, and it takes months for the pond water to evaporate due to sunlight, and the salts remain at the bottom of the pond. The salts are ready after drying. The most important difference between sea salt and kitchen salt is their lack of iodine. Refined salts According to laboratory scientific documents, they cause a lot of damage to the heart and arteries. They easily disrupt our circulatory system and increase blood pressure. They bleed and eventually have a stroke.

Are you familiar with the salt properties of Lake Urmia?

Salts are one of the current necessities for the human body. Salt is one of the main components of food because no food can be eaten without salt. Salt to digest food, open liver cramps, prevent food spoilage in the stomach. Soda and phlegm medicine, eliminates gastritis and expels gastric sediments, but not all of these properties are in the refined salt in stores. Sea salt, although it has impurities, but its useful properties have caused people to start consuming sea salt again. The currently filtered salts have severe side effects for the body and the owner of this matter has caused us to witness a major consumption of salt from Lake Urmia throughout the country.

Properties of sea salt

Referring to edible sea salt, a researcher of traditional medicine says that sea salt contains 82 nutrients such as sodium, copper and zinc, calcium, iron, etc., which are used in the treatment of skin diseases, oral infections, bruising around the eyes, and pain. It is used to treat chronic psoriasis, pimples and acne, dry skin, osteoarthritis, etc.

Prohibition of using sea salt due to iodine deficiency

Ebrahim Davoodabadi, director of the Food Supervision Department, said that the most important reason for doctors to ban edible sea salt is to have salt with some impurities such as heavy metals, which can be carcinogenic, and the best salt for the body is iodized salt during surgery. Iodine supplement is added to it. He added that although high salt consumption can lead to high blood pressure, but salt consumption in the country is very high and should be minimized.

what is the Drilling salt

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