Dryness of Lake Urmia

Dryness of Lake Urmia

Dryness of Lake Urmia

Lakes are a good place to store water in any country, which if used in a balanced way can be protected from dehydration for years, but any unexpected activity by institutions can jeopardize the position of the lake. Lake Urmia Recently, due to the construction of dams in the lake watershed and the decrease in rainfall in recent years, the lake water has dried up. Slow so that its effects on the lives of people, including the people of Urmia have been affected by the crisis of water shortage and lack of rain and snow has dried up rivers, wetlands and lakes, and this is the reason for the damage to vulnerable people. Becomes . get urmiana service by wholesale sea salt of urmia lake

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Dryness of Lake Urmia

According to the research collected by the relevant centers and organizations, it has been concluded that the population of three million around Urmia and the agricultural fields and the environment of the region are in danger of extinction due to the drought. The water level has been unprecedented in the last 20 years, which has caused great damage to the health and environment of this region.

Another name for Lake Urmia is National Park.

Urmia Lake is the second salt water lake in the world and the largest inland lake in the country. One of the issues that worries the people around the lake today is the problem of water shortage and rising salinity. Migrants, animals and micro-organisms and having 102 large and small islands have been registered as a biosphere protected area under the name of National Park by UNESCO. The height of the lake is 1300 meters above sea level.

Construction of dozens of dams and the impact of water shortage in the lake

Although the biggest reason for the sedimentation of the lake water is the lack of rain, but the uncontrolled withdrawal of water from the catchment basin and the development of the agricultural sector around the lake has added to its water scarcity. Azerbaijan and 36 dams in East Azerbaijan knew that most of these dams are in operation
Digging underground wells causes water shortage in the lake
One of the activities that is worrying is digging unauthorized underground wells around Lake Urmia. In recent years, about 48,000 unauthorized wells in this area and supplying water to 680,000 hectares of land under cultivation in the lake’s water shortage. The amount of agriculture on the lake shore has increased about 3.5 times compared to 1992

Lake water evaporation rate and its impact on the lake

Warming weather and lack of rainfall have had a great impact on the evaporation process of the lake, but with the danger of extinction of birds, animals and plants of the lake to prevent this have been implemented by environmentalists who have been able to revitalize the lake. According to Morteza Havoughi, to prevent the extinction of the lake, opening dams and preventing unauthorized digging wells and saving agricultural water consumption will be a suitable option in the dryness of Lake Urmia. Is reduced.

Strange creatures of Lake Urmia

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