Drilling salt

Drilling salt

In drilling, drilling salts are used to increase the density of the surface of mud and soil. This is done by adding salt to the water. It is in the form of fine grains similar to grains of sugar, which are called sugar salts. They are another type of grains larger than sugar and they are known as industrial granulated salt. These salts are responsible for the chemical composition of the drilling solution

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To extract oil, gas or water, etc., deep and long wells should be drilled, and usually when drilling wells, they do not have strong walls and may collapse at any moment, so to prevent this, the walls must be strengthened and To prevent them from falling, to strengthen the walls of the well, they are covered with drilling mud. The mud is usually combined with drilling salts. By creating salt substrates, better extraction and safer work is done. Refinement will also be easier.

What are the types of drilling salt?

  • Salt rock
  • Shell salt
  •  Sugar salt
  •  Industrial salt

One of the most widely used minerals is mineral salt. Drilling salt is widely used. This salt causes more safety and proper performance in the drilling rig because a significant amount of salt is needed to facilitate drilling work because drilling salt due to the presence of salts. Drilling salts are in several different forms. One of these products is a sample of salt and industrial granulation. To obtain this salt, the most advanced devices have been used.

What is the use of industrial salt?

For many years, salt has been used in various industries, one of which was drilling wells. Although a large amount of salt is not used in coastal drilling, but in ground drilling it requires a large amount of drilling salt in the pharmaceutical industry. Industrial salt is used to make capsules and the process of producing salt solutions. The consumption of these pharmaceutical and medical companies constitutes a large percentage of the total national industrial salts.

Properties of industrial salt

Large amounts of the world’s industrial salt are spent on roads. In winter and icy days, people use salt spraying on the roads to protect the safety of drivers and prevent accidents and falls. About 60 to 80% of industrial salts are used for roads. Passing the safety of people is consumed. Salts are considered a yard element and are responsible for melting ice in the street.
• Leather industry
• Textile industry
• Production of cosmetics
• Plastics industry
• Glass industry
• Paper and printing industries
• Paint industry
• Food and drug industry

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